‘Star Trek’ To Begin Filming January 2012, Won’t Open Until Summer 2013. At Least.

Let it never be said that us fans of the Star Trek reboot aren’t being patient in our anticipation of its sequel. Motherfucker is dragging on! It isn’t going to begin filming until next January, and even then we won’t see it until the summer of 2013. At th earliest.


Development on Star Trek 2 (which, yes we know won’t actually be titled Star Trek 2, but until they come up with a better title that’s what we’re calling it) got off to a slow start, but in the last several months the project has finally begun picking up steam. Over two years after the release of J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek film, the production is now gearing up for an early 2012 start. Though an exact release date has yet to be announced, it’s likely that the sequel will hit theaters summer 2013 or later. More details after the jump.

TrekMovie (via Collider) reports that the team is currently on track to begin filming January 15, 2012. Production designer Scott Chambliss and his team have already completed a good amount of the design work, and sets are being currently prepared for the shoot. Some of the old sets from the 2009 film (including the USS Enterprise) have been pulled out of storage and dusted off, while construction has begun on some of the new sets.

Goddamn killing me! Then again, next year’s summer movie season is to the fucking brim. I suppose having Trek in 2013 will be a nice occurrence, seeing that The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and Seemingly Every Other Franchise has an iteration dropping in the Year The Mayans Doomed.