Bruce Campbell joins ‘A.P. Bio’ Season 4 as Jack Griffin’s dad. This is perfect fucking casting.

a.p. bio season 4 bruce campbell

Goddamn, am I ever glad that A.P. Bio exists. Just a real fucking gem of a television show, and maybe the only reason I’m glad Peacock is a streaming service. Cause they saved the show when all you bum-ass bitches didn’t watch it on NBC. I forgive you, but I don’t forget. Now the show is cranking into its fourth season and the production has revealed some inspired casting. The show has added Bruce Campbell as Jack Griffin’s dad. Just goddamn perfect.

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‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ renewed for a second season by Starz


Holy GolemTits! Ash Vs. Evil Dead hasn’t even aired yet, and Starz has already renewed the show for a second season. This reminds me — I need to find a way to watch this futzing show.

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‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Official Poster: The Chainsaw Car Ride

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Trailer: Lookin’ Good! Lookin’ Sweet!

First ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Photo: Blood-Covered and Ready To Rumble

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ lands female lead in Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones

I don’t know who Jill Marie Jones is, so I don’t know how to take the news that she’s the female lead in Ash vs. Evil Dead. But I do appreciate the reminder that a Bruce Campbell-helmed Evil Dead sequel/show/thing is coming.

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‘The Evil Dead’ getting TV series starring Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead.

Evil Dead is getting itself a TV show, starring the Man Himself. Color me enthused. My love (or conversely, hate) for the idea of an Evil Dead TV series has always hinged on whether or not Bruce Campbell is involved. Now that Campbell is confirmed to be starring in the son of a bitch, I can throw my INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE, perhaps UNIMAGINABLY HUGE INTERNET PRESENCE behind this development.

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Wut? Sam Raimi writing ‘Evil Dead’ TV series. Starring Bruce Campbell.

Evil Dead.

Sam Raimi is writing an Evil Dead TV series? Starring Bruce Campbell? This motherfucker isn’t just out of right field. It crash landed into right field from Alpha Centauri.

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‘EVIL DEAD 4’ is actually ‘ARMY OF DARKNESS 2.’ My boomstick stiffens.

Army of Darkness.

Let there be light! Or at the very least, let there be Army of Darkness 2. Samuel Raimi’s producer has recently let drop that the fourth installment of Evil Dead is actually going to be Army of Darkness 2. Sort of. Please. Yes, please.

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Bruce Campbell Wielding A Sword. In A Kilt. C’mon Nuff Said Right?

This picture of Bruce Campbell is seven-shades of bad assery. Which makes sense, since Ash is the shining definition of boomstick-rockitude. I don’t know what I’m typing.

Hit the jump for Ash wielding Blade and Exposed Legs.

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