Ben Affleck is officially out as Batman in a move we all saw coming three years ago

ben affleck out as batman

Finally, confirmation. And, I say, good.

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Warner Bros. is reportedly done with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, this time for realsies

warner bros affleck cavill done

Warner Bros., is, would you fucking believe it, done with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. No, seriously this time. Until the next time, obviously.

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‘The Batman’ will begin filming in Spring 2019 with Affleck producing. Hopefully only producing amirite

the batman spring 2019 ben affleck producing

The Batman has a fucking date to begin filming That’s right, friends. Spring 2019! Furthermore, motherfuckin’ Benny Affleck is going to be producing. But let me level with ya, I really don’t want the dude in the suit.

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Rumor: Jake Gyllenhaal is “probably” replacing Affleck as Batman and oh god this never ends

rumor gyllenhaal batman replacing ben affleck

I want Jake Gyllenhaal to replace Ben Affleck as Batman. But, that’s neither here nor there in the short term. More than anything, I just want the fucking Ben Affleck/Batman soap opera to conclude.

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Rumor: Jon Hamm wants to be The Batman. This makes too much sense to actually fucking happen, huh?

jon hamm the batman replace affleck

Jon Hamm wants to be Batman. Reportedly. But, still. Let’s marinate in those wanky fanboy juices for a second, and say it again. Jon Hamm wants to be Batman. Oh god, my nips get hard just contemplating it. Thus, it probably ain’t going to come to pass. Huh?

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Jake Gyllenhaal rumored to replace Affleck as Batman. Don’t tease me, bro

rumor jake gyllenhaal replace ben affleck batman

Rumor has Jake Gyllenhaal as the dude eyed to replace Ben Affleck, should the actor drop the mantle. Like, this is fantastic, and I want it. Gyllenhaal is similar Ben Affleck, except talented, better looking, and ostensibly wouldn’t hate the role with every fiber of his being. Still not convinced? Go watch Nightcrawler and Prisoners and then get the fuck out of my faceee.

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Ben Affleck says he’s “contemplating” the ‘Batman’ solo movie. Bro, it’s cool, move on

ben affleck contemplating matt reeves batman movie

Poor fucking Ben Affleck. He’s all “contemplating” The Batman. Like, dude, it’s fine. BatFleck ain’t your thing. Be free. We won’t blame you. No need for all this deliberation and shit. I’d be exhausted too from starring in these Zack Snyder directed, critically panned, eternally burning dumpster fires.

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Ben Affleck doesn’t know if he’ll play Batman again after ‘Justice League’, this dude hates the role

ben affleck justice league batman done

Ben Affleck has just up and fucking said it, folks. Dude doesn’t know if he’s going to play Batman again after Justice League. Amid months of rumors that the dude is departing, I can only interpret this as he is probably fucking done, but isn’t going to reveal such while doing promo for Justice League.

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Ben Affleck not starring in ‘The Batman’ according to a new report. Round and round we friggin’ go

ben affleck not in the batman

Can we, just, like shit or get off the fucking Bat-Toilet at this point? Holy shit. Ben Affleck is yet again questionable to play Batman in his solo movie. This time the EchoChamber is reverberating about the possibility thanks to a report from the Hollywood Reporter.

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Affleck’s ‘Batman’ movie is not part of the DCEU, for whatever that’s worth

affleck the batman not dceu

Ben Affleck’s The Batman is not going to be a part of the DC Extended Universe. A standalone, if you will. I’m fine with it, but I guess I don’t really fully understand what it means. Will there simply be no mention of the Snyder flicks? Will its narrative go so far as to deny or contradict developments in the DCEU? Who the fuck knows.

That said? All-in-all as they say, perhaps without hyphens? I think this is a good development. Allows Reeves and Affleck the ability to disregard whatever bullshit they want, and let’s be frank. Almost all of the fucking DCEU to this point has been that: bullshit.

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