Edgar Wright’s next movie is a horror-thriller set in London and I’m fucking here for it

edgar wright next movie horror thriller

I’m here for Edgar Wright’s next movie, motherfuckers. But to be fair, I’m here for anything Wright is up to.

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Edgar Wright teases that ‘Baby Driver’ sequel could be coming soon. Don’t play with us like that, dude

baby driver 2 edgar wright tease

A Baby Driver sequel? Happening? Like, really happening? Fuck yes.

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Edgar Wright currently writing ‘Baby Driver’ sequel script, let’s hear one for the good guys

baby driver sequel being written

Edgar Wright is currently writing a sequel to Baby Driver, which is pretty rad. The original was damn fun, and made roughly a “fuckton” of money on a “relatively small” budget. So, it’s nice to see an inventive movie being rewarded with both financial and critical success.

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OMEGA-CAST #23: That Time Iron Maiden Said Let’s Have Three Guitarists

OMEGA-CAST #23: That Time Iron Maiden Said Let's Have Three Guitarists

The OMEGA-CAST is back, jackholes! With Rendar, to boot! Oh, so, delicious! Not really. It’s a bunch of me being really phlegmy, burping, and realizing the reason no one likes me anymore is because I come off as a sports talk radio host! Oh, I’m being negative.

Okay, okay. Um. You could always just skip to the part where Rendar, who has returned, and whose returned I said I would wait for, until we recorded a new podcast, argues with bitchy, loveless Eduardo about Baby Driver.

There’s, uh, other stuff. Han Solo movie talk, Bateman’s typical sociopathy, and overall just degenerate garbage lord fun. I hope you’ll join us!

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Weekend Open Bar: The Jingoism Jingle Jangle!

the jingoism jingle jangle

I’m a sucker for the Fourth of July. Or at the very least, the notion of it. As someone who is both a recluse *and* has to fucking work on the 3rd and the 5th, I imagine I won’t be doing much literal celebrating. But, the holiday gets to me.

Maybe it’s the programming from growing up a KidBot during the end of the Cold War and into the Myth of a New Golden age, but I have to admit — there’s a twinge of excitement at the idea of Seared Flesh and American Flags.

It’s the sort of deep-seated, inextricable programming that pops up from time to time, attempt to defy it as I may. The same programming that has me unconsciously doing the Sign of the Cross during a Catholic wedding or some shit. Which, has happened, and as it happened I looked appalled at my own gestures like I had a fucking Ghost Hand.

So here I sit, melancholic for the old days when I Believe In Things, and Celebrated Stuff. So here I sit, melancholic for the days when folks used to come around these parts, and spend the Weekend Open Bar with me.

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‘Baby Driver’ Trailer: Find Something Funky On There

I’m excited for Baby Driver. How excited are you, CaffPow?! This fucking excited. I’m not watching this goddamn trailer, because I don’t need every action sequence in the film ruined for me. But! If you need persuading still, check this out.

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‘Baby Driver’ International Trailer #2: Money, Sex, and Action

I’m really excited for Baby Driver, despite finding the titular Baby’s face eminently punchable.

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‘Baby Driver’ Trailer: Edgar Wright Returns With A Slick Heist Movie

Edgar Wright is back, baby (driver)! Dude has been quiet since dropping out of Ant-Man, but the trailer for his next flick brings the goods. A stacked cast, some great driving sequences, and the typical Wright-Auteur style. Can’t wait.

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Jamie Foxx joins Edgar Wright’s next movie, ‘Baby Driver’


Crap! I haven’t really been paying attention to Edgar Wright and the development of his next flick, Baby Driver. So while today’s news is that Jamie Foxx has joined the production, it’s also alerted me to what is a pretty dope cast. And interesting premise!

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Edgar Wright’s next film is probably ‘Baby Driver’

Edgar Wright.

Okay, okay, okay. Let’s all move on from whining about Edgar Wright’s departure. Let’s all say the Serenity Prayer, burn our pre-made Ant-Man t-shirts, and look towards the future. ‘Cause that is what Edgar Wright is seemingly doing. And it’s what he’d want from us. (On top of burning our Ant-Man t-shirts.)

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