Art: DC’s Shazam as portrayed by JOHNNN CENAAA!!!

Dan Mora’s WONDER WOMAN rides a gnarly motorcycle


Fuck the Batmobile, give me Wonder Woman riding high on a chopper. That’s what they’e called, right? Choppers. All peeling out, riding or dying. Maybe lasso a motherfucker while bombing down the streets of Metropolis at one-hundred miles per hour.

Hit the jump for the awesome depiction.

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Paul Pope’s ‘BATTLING BOY’ is scheduled for October. Wrd.

Battling Boy.

October! October. It appears that October of 2013 is going to serve as the calendar month where all of the mythical projects we have been anticipating for a long minute will finally arrive. We’re not just getting Gravity, folks.In addition, Paul Pope will be gracing us with Battling Boy. I can only imagine how giddy this makes Rendar. I’m sort of excited, too. No, really! Look at my sweatpants. They’re dancing.

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Brandon Graham gives STORM the quality Mohawk she deserves.

Ah, this is so delicious. Brandon Graham posted a picture he drew of Storm on his tumblr. Like all people of awesomeness, he imagines the Weather Wielder with her mohawk.

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‘STAR WARS’ characters done up as 1980s teens. Denis Medri’s art dominates.

Denis Medri has imagined Star Wars characters as teens in the 1980s, and the result is about as balling as you would expect. There is nothing like multi-cultural-inbreeding to bring out the rampant nostalgia beasts. They have like a zillion horns, drink only at soda foundations, and have been known to demand their McDonald’s in styrofoam.

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Dennis Culver Draws Dean Pelton From ‘COMMUNITY’ In All His Costumes. Cool Cool Cool.

The bomb diggity! Dennis Culver has drawn up Dean Pelton from Community  in every one of his costumes. The hiatus may be in affect, but Community  still surges deep in my soul.

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[Interview] Benjamin Santiago – OL `XCLUSIVE!

Every now and then a human being is born unto the Earth who has ability beyond the natural. Wielding these transcendent powers, this individual has the ability to do that which most cannot even fathom. Good? Evil? Artist? Warrior? All that’s known for sure when one of these folks drops in is that things are going to change.

I was afforded the distinct pleasure of interviewing Benjamin Santiago, an artist doing the dirty work for those of us who were raised on Super Nintendo and science fiction. This is the dude behind a wonder-trove of visual delights, FANTOMA.ORG, and a slew of ill videos.

Hit the jump and check out this feature with Benjamin Santiago. Not only did he answer all of my wacky questions, but he also made an OL EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

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Video: VIDEO GAMES Done Up As PLANETS; Gaming x Space Swoon.

This is pretty dope. A fan-made video of twenty video games represented as planets. As much a gaming and space nerdo, this is milking two different pleasure centers at once. Note how I writhe in glory.

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DEFEAT. [The Art of Ruin]

Every Tuesday I post a section of my novella DEFEAT. While I think the readership of OL would be interested in a science fictional tale guaranteed to end with the hero killing himself at the nexus of his reality, I know that there’s skepticism about the value of any fiction appearing on the `net. Whatevs, bro!

However, every episode of DEFEAT. is accompanied by a piece of gorgeous art by my pal Brian Galiano. I’ve given him free reign to do whatever he wants – every Tuesday I just check my email – and the results have been fantastic.

Hit the jump to check out all of the art that Bri has submitted thus far!

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