‘STAR WARS’ characters done up as 1980s teens. Denis Medri’s art dominates.

Denis Medri has imagined Star Wars characters as teens in the 1980s, and the result is about as balling as you would expect. There is nothing like multi-cultural-inbreeding to bring out the rampant nostalgia beasts. They have like a zillion horns, drink only at soda foundations, and have been known to demand their McDonald’s in styrofoam.


Denis Medri has done it again with this great take on the Star Wars characters as teenagers from the 80′s. We’ve seen some amazing work from Denis before with his Wild West inspired superheroesbut these are my favorites by far. Not only has he plopped them all down in the 80′s, but he’s even done a nod to Back to the Future. Luke would have made an awesome Marty McFly.