‘Back to the Future’ getting a manga courtesy of the ‘One-Punch Man’ artist. This is so oddly fucking cool

back to the future manga one punch man

What the fuck? Thanks to friend of the site Jerkface for bringing this to my attention. But, again. What the fuck? This is such a goddamn odd confluence of things that I enjoy, that I’m just going to lean into it.

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‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Trailer: Back To The Future On November 3rd

New Call of Duty trailer. I’ll buy it. I buy all these games. Well, truthfully, I’ve never played a Call of Duty placed during World War II. Hopped on with Modern Warfare. So, this return to its origins is going to be particularly fresh for me.

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Watch: ‘Back to the Future’ documentary trailer declares “Doc Brown doesn’t drive a f**king Mustang”

‘Back to The Future’ Trilogy returning to theaters in October for 30th Anniversary

rock and roll

One of my biggest Big Brother Troll Jobs is continuously ragging on the BTTF trilogy in front of Rendar. ‘Cause brotherhood. But I actually genuinely love the first two flicks, and thusly I’m quite stoked to see them in the theater.

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OL STORE: Biff’s Secret to Success

Hey, come over here! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of parking in front of the OL STORE! Hell, the spaces are spacious, too — you can comfortably park any vehicle, even that DeLorean of yours. Give the Flux Capacitor a chance to cool down, and come on inside!

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‘STAR WARS’ characters done up as 1980s teens. Denis Medri’s art dominates.

Denis Medri has imagined Star Wars characters as teens in the 1980s, and the result is about as balling as you would expect. There is nothing like multi-cultural-inbreeding to bring out the rampant nostalgia beasts. They have like a zillion horns, drink only at soda foundations, and have been known to demand their McDonald’s in styrofoam.

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Come one, come all! This day’s been in the making for longer than we’d like to admit, but it’s finally here! Today, we officially open the OL STORE!

We’ve taken the same overcaffeinated, slightly-delusional, fun-lovin’ panache we put into our posts and smeared it all over some t-shirts. The result? Nerd-culture t-shirts that’re bound to inspire conversation wherever you go – the supermarket checkout line, the watering hole of your choice, or your weekly D&D session.

Round One of the great OL STORE battle royale sees eight different designs climbin’ into the ring. Hit the jump to hyperspace, grab an ice-cold Pepsi, and check out our wares!

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Mattel Finally Releasing Hoverboard From ‘Back To The Future’. Praise Be!

Holy balls!, the hoverboard from Back To The Future is finally getting some love in the tangible form. All right, so it doesn’t exactly hover. The makers do claim that it “glides over most surfaces”, which is more than good enough for my manchild ass.

Hit the jump for details and pictures.

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Back to the Confessional Booth.

Face of a Franchise: Jennifer Parker

[face of a franchise presents two individuals that’ve fulfilled the same role. your task — choose the better of the two and defend your choice in the rancor pit that is the comments section]

Take a look at the image above. Good lookin’ babes, huh? Slightly over-the-hill, no doubt, but these ladies seemed to have aged more like wine than vinegar. And hell, who doesn’t like a nice cougar? America’s been lusting after slutty old broads for the last forty-four years.

True beauty transcends time. And so do these babes.

One of the most important plot elements of Back to the Future is that Marty is going to fuck his girlfriend Jennifer Parker during a weekend retreat. He’s really pumped about the prospect, especially since it’ll cheer him up after having been smoked in the battle of the bands audition. Unfortunately, his pussy of a father loans the family car to his shitbird boss, who of course smashes it up while drunk. As a result, Marty goes back in time to rewrite history so that he can bang Jennifer whenever he pleases.

Or something.

In any case, the role of Jennifer Parker was first rocked by Claudia Wells. The actress did a superb job of inducing boners, thereby helping viewers of Back to the Future further sympathize with the protagonist (and his carnal desires). Had a lesser-quality woman taken the role, society may have never experienced a collective erection and this modern-classic may have fallen by the wayside.


Due to an illness in the family, Claudia Wells was unable to participate the second two chapters of the BTTF trilogy. As a result, Elisabeth Shue assumed the role of Jennifer. With Shue’s performance, the audience was able to glimpse into the year 2015 and see what Marty McFly’s future turmoil could look like. The second and third flicks featured Jennifer much more prominently, requiring more screen time from Shue than her predecessor.

Claudia Wells defined the role, but then bowed out and pretty much faded into obscurity. Elisabeth Shue spent way more time as the character, but was just going through the motions someone else choreographed.

So – who do you think is the better Jennifer Parker?

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