NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Has Flown On Mars. Fucking Flown On Mars!

nasa ingenuity helicopter flown on mars

Good goddamn, motherfuckers! We have flown on Mars! Flown on Mars! NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flew today, and I’ll be stoked because of it for the rest of the day.

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‘GLOW’ renewed for fourth and final season. Fuck me, I got to watch the third!

glow renewed fourth season

GLOW is getting a fourth and final season, friends. And while it’s always a bummer that a show is ending, I’d rather it end while it’s still getting pops. As opposed to, you know, going out on its back.

Those are wrestling puns.

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‘GREMLINS’ x YOUR FAVE CELEB DRUG ADDICT = Butcher Billy’s latest.

Hell yes.

Butcher Billy is back with his latest amalgamation. Homeboy has taken the drug-addled carcasses out of the Oozing Maw of Hollywood, and mixed them up with Gremlins. The result is a strange concoction of human-monster flesh, with most of the celebrities actually looking better than usual. Typically dope Butcher stuff.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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‘MAN OF STEEL’ TV SPOT: GLORY BE, there is Kryptonite in my pants.

Ah, god bless dumb fucking freeze frames.

The Impossible Reality continues to inch closer. You know, the reality where there is actually a good Superman movie, and somehow (doubly impossible) it is directed by Zack Snyder. Bask in this reality’s approach, courtesy of the first Man of Steel TV spot.

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Capcom is remaking ‘DUCKTALES’, every gamer my age s**ts themselves.


Capcom has laid down a Mega-Ton Bombage today, rocking people of my proclivities (gaming) and age (old). The company is remastering the classic platformer DuckTales. A quick scan of my Twitter and Facebook feed confirms that this is giving most of the people I know raging sex glands.

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BioShock Infinite.

Folks, BioShock Infinite has almost arrived. The game that I have been sweating only second to HL: Episode III in ferocity. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

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Woman uses her breasts to smuggle cocaine. Enterprising ++

If I have learned anything from Breaking Bad, it is that drug smuggling is the mother of invention. While not nearly as cool as using an entire chicken restaurant to smuggle drugs, this enterprising lass used something quite interesting. Her bub-bub cavities.

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Cosplay: WONDER WOMAN from ‘Red Son’ is Communist comfort.

In Communist Russia, Wonder Woman is attracted to you! Naw, I got nothing.

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XBOX 720: Details spilled in XBOX WORLD. If so, I’m sprung with tech-lust.

I could say I understand the jist of these new details, but I’m just like “oh shit new Xbox details. I don’t understand them with my fat brain, but I know I want it.” Do you understand these details? Are you excited like me? It’s a cucumber in my pants, chill out.

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GEORGE WASHINGTON was MASTER CHIEF? Take that, vampire hunter.