OmegaPlays: The Messenger – Part 5 – Cut Luke Skywalker Some Fucking Slack

New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ image has Luke Skywalker looking Dark Side as fuck

star wars the last jedi luke dark side

A fucking Hungarian film magazine’s cover, of all sources, has provided us Star Wars filth-stains with more The Last Jedi wanking material. Broken Dude looking Dark Side as Fuck (again), though really just looking like Broken Dude.

After the jump for the official cover.

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‘Episode VIII’ News: Rian Johnson drops another official set photo

episode viii

After the jump, spoilerphobes!

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‘The Force Awakens’ Leak: Luke Skywalker first look. Futz yes.


Whelp. The first look at Luke Skywalker has leaked. I’m putting it past a spoiler wall, though shitty other sites aren’t. It’s not a frame from the movie, nor is it a publicity still. It’s about what you’d expect if you ever wondered, “what would Luke Skywalker look like as a Jedi Master?”, but I feel you if you want to hold off experiencing it until the film.

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‘Episode VII’ Non-News: Mark Hamill has a goddamn power beard

Fucking Power Beard

Yeah this is legitimately not news at all. But it’s Star Wars and I’m a dirty gaping maw eagerly wanting to be filled with all bits of Episode VII minutiae.

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Uncle Luke or something.

I don’t particularly buy this rumor, but I really dig anything Star Wars related. So I’ll indulge it. If the latest batch of boiling nonsense is to be believed, Episode VII is going to be starring Uncle Luke and his Force-sensitive niece and nephew.

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My pants.

The latest acquisition for some sort of asshole with too much money are the pants that Luke Skywalker wore while he and a bunch of terrorists were running around destroying Space-Stations in A New Hope. Them fuckers didn’t go cheap, either.

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‘EPISODE VII’ Luke Skywalker by PHIL NOTO. Hell yeah.

Walking-Skies by Phil Noto.

Okay, I don’t know if it is technically an Episode VII rendition of Luke Skywalker by Phil Noto. What I do know is that it is a gorgeous rendition of an older Skywalker by the brilliant artist. I can’t get enough.

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Mark Hamill says he’ll probably be in ‘STAR WARS: EPISODE VII’, but he ain’t signed nothing.

Mark Hamill.

Well shit! Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Marky Hamill thinks he is going to be up in the Episode VIIIIIIIIIII (or something) house. His melty faced companion Hans Solow is going to  be in the film, so why wouldn’t he? Still though, the actor hasn’t signed any sort of agreement yet. I mean, this is all just a formality at this point. Right?

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‘STAR WARS’ characters done up as 1980s teens. Denis Medri’s art dominates.

Denis Medri has imagined Star Wars characters as teens in the 1980s, and the result is about as balling as you would expect. There is nothing like multi-cultural-inbreeding to bring out the rampant nostalgia beasts. They have like a zillion horns, drink only at soda foundations, and have been known to demand their McDonald’s in styrofoam.

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