Marvel reveals that an original X-Man, Bobby Drake (Iceman) is gay


A bunch of panels from tomorrow’s All-New X-Men have leaked, and revealed that Marvel’s Bobby Drake is gay. It’s a pretty rad development, though I have to say the writing behind the reveal is pretty ass.

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Brian Michael Bendis is leaving ‘Uncanny X-Men’, signs new exclusive contract with Marvel

Brian Marvel Bendis.

Brian Michael Bendis is leaving Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men. Which is no big whoop to me, because I didn’t dig Uncanny and All-New went stale potato chip over the course of twenty issues or so. However, I do give a big whoop about the creator signing a new exclusive contract with Marvel. It’s uh, big news or something?

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Monday Morning Commute: Nature Doesn’t Care


It’s true. Nature doesn’t fucking care. About you. About me. About the flitting, infinitesimal blip on the Cosmic Radar that is Humanity. And man, that’s fine. That’s cool. We’re all going to be dead. Dead for a lot longer than we’re alive. Nature’s just going to carry on. We won’t register. It doesn’t matter. What to do in the face of such Truth? Keep rollin’ that rock. Have a wonderful time while you’re here. Make your own meaning.

Here’s a quiet Monday Morning Commute, as I’m surrounded by the Indifferent but Beautiful Nature here in Nova Scotia.

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MILES MORALES joining ‘ALL-NEW X-MEN’ First, how? Second, awesome.

Miles Morales.

Miles Morales – my one and true Spider-Man – is somehow joining the All-New X-Men. Which answers the question, “What could finally get Caff-Pow to read All-New X-Men?” In truth, our own Johnny Hotsauce has finally shoved me onto the precipice of reading it anyways. But now, I’m diving off the ledge! I’m not particularly certain of the mechanics that’ll bring Morales to the proper Marvel Universe. I also don’t particularly care.

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Greg Rucka returning to Marvel to pen young CYCLOPS ongoing series


What could make me give a fuck about young Cyclops? Well if you’ve looked over at this week’s BTFC, you know it sure ain’t Brian Michael Bendis. But how about Greg Rucka? Dude is crushing it with Lazarus (helped on by the talented Michael Lark), so yeah whatever he feels like doing for the Big Two I’m instantly intrigued by.

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Marvel Ending NINE TITLES In October As MARVEL NOW! Kicks Off. Groan. They’ll Be Back.

Marvel is ending nine goddamn titles this October as their Marvel NOW! initiative gets underway. Goddamn ridiculous. Half of these titles have already been ended in the past year or so. How many #1 issues can Captain America or Invincible Incredible Wonderful Iron Man have?

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Marvel Announces ‘MARVEL NOW’ Bringing MASSIVE RELAUNCHES And I Quietly Weep.

Ugh. Jesus Christ. Now Marvel is relaunching everything ever, shaking up creators teams and daring to address everything save for good stories. Maybe these new titles will be good, maybe they won’t. However you know what dominates hype? Just fucking  quality storytelling. Just focus on it guys. Please. I’m begging you. The wave of hype will dissipate after we go “Wow! Relaunched bullshit that’ll devolve into status quo! This totally isn’t a response to the Blase 52!” and then things will return to functioning as a simmering churn factory for movie scripts.

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