Monday Morning Commute: Nature Doesn’t Care


It’s true. Nature doesn’t fucking care. About you. About me. About the flitting, infinitesimal blip on the Cosmic Radar that is Humanity. And man, that’s fine. That’s cool. We’re all going to be dead. Dead for a lot longer than we’re alive. Nature’s just going to carry on. We won’t register. It doesn’t matter. What to do in the face of such Truth? Keep rollin’ that rock. Have a wonderful time while you’re here. Make your own meaning.

Here’s a quiet Monday Morning Commute, as I’m surrounded by the Indifferent but Beautiful Nature here in Nova Scotia.


Really enjoying All-New X-Men.

Read the first four trades yesterday.

All-New X-Men.


Obviously really digging Nova Scotia.

The quiet. The beauty. The Nature.

Nova Scotia


Going to crack open Lovecraft tonight.

Up first is The Call of Cthulhu.

The Call! The Call!


Obligatory Destiny comment.

Two weeks? Two weeks!



This is that time of the year.

Where I’m like.

Oh yeah I need to write my syllabi.



Football! Football. Foot-ball!



Lots of Animals as Leaders lately.

Lots of Coheed still.

New Opeth drops tomorrow.

Perfect Autumn weather.

Pale Communion


That’s about it for me, folks. How about you?