MILES MORALES joining ‘ALL-NEW X-MEN’ First, how? Second, awesome.

Miles Morales.

Miles Morales – my one and true Spider-Man – is somehow joining the All-New X-Men. Which answers the question, “What could finally get Caff-Pow to read All-New X-Men?” In truth, our own Johnny Hotsauce has finally shoved me onto the precipice of reading it anyways. But now, I’m diving off the ledge! I’m not particularly certain of the mechanics that’ll bring Morales to the proper Marvel Universe. I also don’t particularly care.

The cover to “All-New X-Men #32,” a homage to John Byrne’s cover for “Uncanny X-Men #139,” features a statement that’s become synonymous with characters joining the X-Men: “Welcome to the X-Men Miles Morales. Hope you survive the experience!”

Bendis writes both titles and co-created Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man, who took over after Peter Parker died. A “616” version of Morales has been revealed to exist in the regular Marvel universe as well, so time will tell which version of the character will show up in “All-New X-Men.” The costume seems to indicate it’s the Ultimate version. [CBR]