Dustin Weaver cuts own sci-fi epic with ‘AMNIA CYCLE’ comic

Amina Cycle.

How the fuck did I not know that Dustin Weaver was publishing his own glorious, free sci-fi comic book online? Fuck me sideways while wearing a Reagan mask. The jam is called Amnia Cycle, and at first blush it looks fucking radical. I’ve been a fan of The Weave (no one calls him that, just me, I’m a piece of shit) since his run on SHIELD with Hickman. Then he ripped it up on Infinity. But I’ll be goddamned if the prospect of seeing his own universe doesn’t seem just as exciting as either of those beauties.

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Howard Stark totally in Marvel’s ‘AGENT CARTER’ TV series

Howard Stark.

File this shit under: Makes Total Sense. Howard Stark is one of the co-creators of S.H.I.E.L.D. (what?) along with Peggy Carter. So it stands to reason that Mr. Stark shall be appearing on the Agent’s upcoming television show.

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Agents of SHIELD.

Fuck yeah! Agents of SHIELD has slowly become my most anticipated show of every week, starting right around its glorious integration with The Winter Soldier. Seeing what heights the show can hit, I was going to be pretty disappointed if it didn’t get a chance to continue on with its merry self. My fears?! Evaporated! Oh! And Agent fucking Carter! Coming to our television!

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Paolo Rivera’s killer art for ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’

Paolo Rivera Killing It.

The nauseatingly talented (and handsome) Paolo Rivera has whipped up some glorious artwork for next week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD. It’s as dope as you’d expect, am I right?

Hit the jump for more details about the art, and the episode.

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SAMUEL L. JACKSON will be on ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD’ finale. ALL the fanboners.

Nick Fury.

Without spoiling anything in Winter Soldier (Jesus fucking Christ, see the movie!), there are some pretty staggering fucking ramifications for Agents of SHIELD that rise up out of the flick. Much head scratching, what the shit now? type ramifications. So it’s rad as hell to hear that the Nick Fury will be on the show to help deal with it. And I’ll level with you: this sort of synergy gets my asshole so taut from excitement that it begins to drag my testicles nearly into its hairy abyss. I’m just saying.

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Amy Acker.

Man. You think Thor was seven-shades of rotting ass douche for not seeing Jane Foster post-Avengers? Fucking Agent Coulson has been running around back from the fucking dead for a serious minute now, and he ain’t contacted his beautiful bitty. But all of that shit is going to change now, according to latest casting news. Steel yourself for a proper slap to the face, Coulson.

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PATTON OSWALT to guest star on ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’ Wee?

Patton Oswalt.

Nary a day ago I was complaining about Patton Oswalt Fatigue. Yes — he can be funny. Yes — he likes the same things I do! Wee! But it feels as though Oswalt’s almost in everyone’s fucking face about his nerd credentials. You don’t need to flaunt that geek  swagger, dude. Just wear your badge and be proud of it. But low and behold, the Good Lord Odin fucking hates me. For he heard my protestations and has responded by ingratiating Oswalt into yet another dork phenomenon that I dig.

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Dude from ‘HEROES’ joins ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD’ as Hulk-Chasing D-Bag Colonel

This guy.

Oh snap! One of those brothers from that Watchmen rip-off TV show is joining Agents of SHIELD. That’s right — the dude who played Nathan Petrelli shall be hopping, skipping, jumping into another comic book-laced TV show.

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DEATHLOK coming to ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’ Cyborgasm?


A little late on this tip, but whatever. Last night I was busy playing Mass Effect for the 35th time, before watching like nine episodes of Gurren Lagann with Bateman. So yeah! You know this! But let’s talk about it anyways. You pricks.

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LADY SIF (Jaimie Alexander) to guest star on ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’

Jaimie Alexander.

Ohhh snap. Looks like we have our first instance of the Big Boy Marvel Movie Universe tying in directly with Agents of SHIELD. Directly! I said directly. I know the shit from Thor: Darkened Hair Line had some trickle down effects in the show. But this time — it’s direct! Or something…I don’t really know.

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