#Views From The Space-Ship

Views From The Space-Ship: The Heart Of A Lion

desktop thursdays the heart of a lion

It’s another belated installment of Desktop Thursdays! Oh, you know the one! The one where I share glimpses into my life! Well, not all of it. Not the crusty underwear (usually), the callouses on my ass-rim (usually), or my destroyed toilet bowl rim (usually). Instead, looks at the family, the literal desktop, the figurative desktop, my animals, et cetera.

Then! As per usual, I ask you to share your own world in the comments section!





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Views From The Space-Ship: The Oasis From The Stasis

desktop thursdays the oasis from the stasis

It’s Desktop Thursday, my dudes! The blog installment where I puke up some putrid portrayals of my tangible and intangible existence. Additionally, it’s the weekly invitation, nay, challenge to show me your world! Splay your existence across the comments section. Write large your own banality, buffoonery, benevolence! ‘Cause community is all we got in this hardened, coarsened, spiraling madness of a world. Let this community, this commune, this gathering aboard the Space-Ship Omega be your oasis from the stasis that is modernity.

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Views From The Space-Ship: make trash edible again

make trash edible again

Woah! Oh! Shit! Woah oh shit shit oh woah! It’s Desktop Thursdays! I’m currently: burning the fuck out of my mouth, trying to house some chili. I’m currently: supposed to be on my way to the gym. I’m currently: typing this up in a hurry, so I can finish the aforementioned two other activities! It’s Desktop Thursdays! Check out my world(s), and then share your own!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Atom by Atom, Books Upon Books

desktop thursdays atom by atom

It’s that time again, motherfuckers. Indeed, it is that time again. That point in the week where I share the view from my carbohydrate-heavy, popculture-slickened gilded cage. That’s right, it’s Desktop Thursdays! Per usual, I hope you share a look into your own world in the comments section.

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Views From The Space-Ship: hang ten, hang eleven, hang twelve

hang ten, hang eleven, hang twelve

What’s up, folks?

A simple salutation to the fellow mutations that may come across this Den of Trash. This right here is Desktop Thursdays. This right here is the weekly window into the rotting meat-guts of my existence. What that generally means is a couple pictures of my dog, a random picture of some portion of my house, and then maybe a picture of my better half.

This week, this week adheres to said established format.

So, take in the post. Then share a glimpse in the comments.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Television is reality, and reality is less than television

desktop thursdays television is reality

Hey, comrades. How are you doing? A bit blanched by the banality of existence? A bit staggered by the Sisyphean grind that is consciousness? Well, how about I offer you a little distracting voyeurism? After all, that’s the point of Desktop Thursdays.

A look into my life! My existential, digital, and meat-case vibes.

Then, if you’re so inclined, provide me with a little material in the comments section. An escape for me through your own world(s).

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Views From The Space-Ship: autumn arrives on austere winds

autumn arrives on austere winds

It’s finally kind of, sort of, autumn here in the Northeastern arm of the Empire. The wind has gotten crispy, the leaves have gotten crispy, the heaters have gotten crispy. I’m excited! Stoked, even. I must, however, I must not glance at the weather for the upcoming week. For I shall see, I know I shall see, yet another spike in the temperature.

I’m tired of sweating, dudes. I’m tired of my balls smelling like a Dagobah swamp, dudes. Ready for the death of it all, ready to pray to the Ones That Don’t Exist that I get to witness the rebirth of it all.

But that’s neither here nor there. Or, wait, is it actually both Here and There?

Anyways, anyways, blah blah blah. This is Desktop Thursdays. A look into the life of yours truly, GarbageLord and Steward of the Space-Ship Omega. I hope you’ll share your own life in the comments section.

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Views From The Space-Ship: it was a wonderful life

it was a wonderful life

Welcome to another edition of Desktop Thursdays! I’ll level with you, I don’t update this often, ’cause I really don’t do much. For a column that’s predicated on showing my world(s) with you, both literal and digital, I…I don’t take many pictures these days! But! I’m here today. So bask in my banality, and then share your own in the comments section!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Drink It In, Man

drink it in, man

Drink it in, mannn! My existence! Drink in these views from the degenerated meat-halls through which I walk in the TangiVerse. After all these views I’m proffering are the very point of this weekly post, Desktop Thursdays. I didn’t hit you folks up last week, as I was in Nova Scotia throwing Nana’s urn into the marsh. It is a necessary Acadian tradition, through which you unleash a fallen Acadian Village Shaman’s corporeal form, so they may walk the Omniverse with their fellow brother and sister shamans.

So this week it’s a heavy dose of Nova Scotia action and of course, my stupid fucking dog and cats.

I beseech you to share looks into your own lives in the comments section. Or don’t, you dirty little voyeurs.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Booty Game Too Strong

booty game too strong

Booty Game Too Strong?! Fucking impossible! Try me, bro. When I die, I hope my epitaph reads, potentially, as such: He Died As He Lived, Worshipping The Booty. Oh fuck, Oh me, Oh my. Where I am? I got, I got the vapors. The dog’s looking at me side-eyed, and I’m worried she perceives the eventual-embolism approaching. Finally. My body and mind soaked with Dew, my loins and shirt soaked with Booty Worship.

While I’m here, before my leaves fall, let me throw this out to you, fair Garbage Lords. This late-as-fuck but hey-at-least-I’m-posting-it edition of Desktop Thursdays.

Check out my rot-gut, trash existence! Then, I beseech you, before the long night comes, share your own world(s) in the comments section.

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