Views From The Space-Ship: pleasantries

desktop thursdays pleasantries

It’s another Desktop Thursdays! I know it’s a week late! And yet, I’m actually posting it two weeks in a row. That’s gotta count for something, right? None the less, whether you agree, or disagree with my rationalization, I hope you’ll check out some views from my universes. Then, share your own in the comments section!


my actual desktop!

Holy shit, my actual desktop!


oh so hard

Life is so hard for this beast, despite having her ass kissed 24/7.

six is not a wireless charging unit

It turns out that Six is not a wireless charging station for my Macbook. WTF she good for, then?


cute ass wife

Cute ass wife being cute ass, IDK!


life is hard

Again, life is so hard!


There’s a few glimpses into my world, folks.