Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset droppin’ first quarter 2016

Project Morpheus

Sony’s put a pseudo-release date on their entry in the Johnny Mnemonic sweepstakes. The son of a bitch will be dropping in the first quarter of the year next.

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Hope dies: ‘The Last Guardian’ trademark abandoned

The Last Guardian.

Abandon all hope, ye fellow Shadow of the Colossus and ICO fans. It looks like the totally-not-vaporware game The Last Guardian that was set in the same universe (or some shit) is dead.

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PS4 and XB1 install bases are 60% larger than their predecessors were after 15-months

Make it rain!

And here we were thinking that God-Tier PC and mobile gaming were going to evaporate us luddite console cowboys. They may (probably) will yet, but not if this generation has anything to say about it.

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PlayStation Now subscription service dropping January 13

PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now’s subscription service is coming, finally, on January 13. And it’s bringing a subscription service with it. One of the head-scratchers regarding Sony’s game-streaming service was the fact that initially you only had the option to rent the games. Will this shift in policy get me to sign-up? Fuck nah! But I imagine it will for some.

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New ‘God of War’ officially announced. Cause like, why not.

God of Wae

Totally didn’t see a new God of War coming down the pipeline. I’m always taken when Corporate Overlords announce new installments of Unfathomable Cash Cows. In any medium.

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‘Final Fantasy VII’ coming to PS4! But! It ain’t a f**king remake

Final Fantasy VII.

Squaresoft-Enix-Eidos-Whateverthefuck straight trollin’ us now. The Company That Doesn’t Matter Anymore announced today that they’re bringing Final Fantasy VII to PS4. But it ain’t the remake we’ve been clamoring for over the past fifteen years. Just an upscale whateverashit port. Same one that has already dropped on Steam.

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PlayStation whuppin’ continues, outsells Xbox 3:1 in Q1 2014

Kaz Hirai Hogan.

Now fucking listen! I own both the DelayStation 4 (LOL I HATE MYSELF FOR PUNS) and the XBONE (I STILL HATE MYSELF), so I have no real vested interest in the console wars. Actually, maybe I want really healthy competition so both companies push themselves. That said — and I don’t know why — I do enjoy watching Sony continuing to roll Microsoft by their fucking ears. (And for those of you who want to point this out, I realize Sony doesn’t differentiate between PS3 and PS4 sales.)

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boom! OKAY FOLKS. Listen up. Between the alimony hearings, the drug use, the fact that Feedly went down for two fucking days, and my favorite butt plug melting in my dishwasher (which required an immediate journey to the upper mountains of the Appalachians to replace), there’s some E3 STUFF I DIDN’T GET TO. However, I also posted a fucking fuckload. Here in one batch is everything I’ve caught from E3. Posted, and previously unposted. Sorted by console. Don’t see your fave announcement/game? Hit the comments. I’ll add it. I know I’m missing a lot. Also! Use this space just to shoot the E3 shit. Read the rest of this entry »

Sony Cackles: A third of PS4 owners were X360 or Wii owners last gen

Kaz Hirai Hogan.

Sony ain’t shying away from bragging about their so-far dominance of this current generation. Dropping a hurricanrana factoid like this. Apparently 1/3 of the PS4 install base was an Xbox or NintendoWiWi owner in their previous console-generation-iteration, and didn’t own a PS4.

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No duh: ‘TITANFALL 2′ being planned. Will drop on PS4, too.


In a move shocking EVERYONE, everyone!, there’s going to be a Titanfall 2. Go figure. Was a bit of an underground indie hit, but hey maybe there’s some credit there. Also shocking EVERYONE!, to the point where they were puking chunks of esophagus onto their keyboards in surprise, is that it won’t be an XB1 exclusive.

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