Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor drop gorgeous ‘Sex Criminals’ prints


Sex Criminals has a second trade paperback. It’s got a goddamn television show in the works. Why shouldn’t the comic series also have a couple of gorgeous prints from Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor? There is no fucking reason! Both of these prints are equally appealing to the eye-socket mush, but Cloonan’s is a sultry slice of NSFW.

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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction adapting ‘Sex Criminals’ for TV, sign deal with Universal TV

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction

Holy fucking shit. Two of my favorite writers (and the First Family of Comic Creators as far as I am concerned) are not only adapting Fraction’s Sex Criminals for the small screen. They’ve also straight-up signed a two-year development deal with Universal TV.

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Matt Fraction on ‘Hawkguy’, his career dying, and a dog saving him

Matt Fraction.

It is little secret around here that Matt Fraction ain’t just one of my favorite comic book creators. He’s a source of genuine inspiration and resiliency, and I follow his travels in ways that may be “unhealthy” and “borderline obsessive.” Okay. Whatever. So forgive me if this post really doesn’t fit in anywhere (though to be fair This Site is Me and I Am This Site). But I stumbled across this really fucking outstanding diatribe from Fraction detailing him falling into Hawkguy‘s first issue. It’s tremendous. He admits what I was sort of worrying about at the time (his career dying), once again somehow conjures tragedy into art, and continues to generally move me.

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Matt Fraction spits about why he left ‘IRON FIST.’ Makes sense, still bums me out.

Iron Fist.

For but a moment in time, Iron Fist was the fucking jam. Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and David Aja collaborated on one of my favorite runs in the last…five years? (I’ll be honest I can’t remember when this run took place — blame the caffeine and the psychoactives.) It burned oh-so-brightly, and then like that it was gone. Unlike Thor: The Mighty Avenger though (another criminally under appreciated title in my book), it wasn’t canned. The team just sort of…left. Now Matty Fraction gives some insight into the why.

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Fight Club.

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this. On one hand you have a sequel hatching perhaps unnecessarily to one of my sacred cows. I’ve already bemoaned its existence. Fuck! I had a stance. However. Now on the other hand you have my favorite author teaming up with one of my favorite comic writers.

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Sex Criminals.

Hotsauce, am I missing something by not snagging Sex Criminals? I browsed the first issue and wasn’t blown away. But I mean, it’s Fraction and Zdarsky. And as this cover for the fourth printing of the title’s first issue (buh?) proves, these two are fucking amazing.

Hit the jump to check out the cover.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (9.25.2013) – Sex Crimes NOT requiring the Special Victims Unit

Sex Crimes.

Did you know that every minute of every day, roughly 167 thousand people around the world are having sex?  Rough as an estimate, not as in the aggressiveness of the intercourse.  Does this number seem high?  Low?  Depressing?  Invigorating?  Whatever the case, people around the world – RIGHT NOW – are waking up neighbors with throaty moans, or shouting to whatever god they pray to in ecstasy and existential bliss, or trying to figure out what goes where, but generally having a good time doing the one thing humans do best:  screw.  It took me nearly a minute to put these first couple of sentences together, and sadly, I was not engaging in sex.  I was coming up with a batch of comics from this week’s shipping list that look tasty enough to buy and recommend to you guys and gals.  So hit the jump and let’s chat about comics, sex, and sexy comics!

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All-New Something Invading People.

What do you do when you don’t own the movie rights to half of your properties? If you’re Marvel, you begin pushing other, lesser kown titles. Not a knock against these new titles, but yeah. What do you do when need to perpetually hype your company? You fall into ruinous marketing stupidity like taking a dumb name “Marvel NOW”, making it more dumb “All-New Marvel NOW”, then generally fuck with numbering.

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Hey, folks!  Johnny here, back again for another week of slingin’ philosophical about my favorite pastime!  Looking at this week’s releases, I was amazed at just how much great non-superhero fare there is to be read currently.  Not in a long time have I felt that the variety of books is SO great and SO varied, that it is the perfect time to introduce comics to friends and loved ones who might like comics, but maybe just don’t dig capes.  Here’s what I’d like to grab this week, and hit us up in the comments and tell us what you’re looking out for!

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Buy These Flippin Comics! (7/31/2013) Two Timers


I’m a liar.  A dirty, rotten scoundrel!  A nerf-herder of the highest proportion.  To find out why, hit the jump and let’s talk this week’s funnybooks!

“What the hell is Señor Hotsauce on about this week?” is the question pursed on everyone’s lips.  Or, it should be.


I’ve been seeing my “ex” behind OL’s back.  In fact, I never left my ex.  I know I told you guys we could come here and talk comics in lieu of  going mobile and hitting up your local comic shop, but I just couldn’t stay away.  I love my comic shop, but I dig you guys, too!   So, if you’ll still have me, I’m gonna try and spread that love (and opinions on my favorite books this week) at both joints, and I urge you to do the same!  Sally-fucking-forth, comic nerds!

In fact, do me a favor and give a shout out to your LCS.  They deserve the attention.  Comic Book University in Greenwood, IN is where I hang my pull list.  Good folks who keep the new releases well stocked and the snark to a loving 11.  (Also:  ComiXology has a “virtual store” for participating joints, so that they, too, can get in on the digital-age action.  So make sure you ask your LCS if they’re involved.  It sends some coin their way and is at no additional cost to you, the consumer.)

Enough with the handjobbery!  What’s poppin’ off today?

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