‘Baby Driver’ Trailer: Edgar Wright Returns With A Slick Heist Movie

Edgar Wright is back, baby (driver)! Dude has been quiet since dropping out of Ant-Man, but the trailer for his next flick brings the goods. A stacked cast, some great driving sequences, and the typical Wright-Auteur style. Can’t wait.

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Watch: Scott Pilgrim x The Dark Knight is ‘Bruce Wayne Vs. The World’

Jamie Foxx joins Edgar Wright’s next movie, ‘Baby Driver’


Crap! I haven’t really been paying attention to Edgar Wright and the development of his next flick, Baby Driver. So while today’s news is that Jamie Foxx has joined the production, it’s also alerted me to what is a pretty dope cast. And interesting premise!

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Roberto Orci ain’t directing ‘Star Trek 3’, Edgar Wright might

Star Trek Into Something.

Well, here’s a way to get me to give a shit about a post-Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Snap Edgar Wright’s name on the director’s chair.

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Edgar Wright’s next film is probably ‘Baby Driver’

Edgar Wright.

Okay, okay, okay. Let’s all move on from whining about Edgar Wright’s departure. Let’s all say the Serenity Prayer, burn our pre-made Ant-Man t-shirts, and look towards the future. ‘Cause that is what Edgar Wright is seemingly doing. And it’s what he’d want from us. (On top of burning our Ant-Man t-shirts.)

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LOL! – ‘Ant-Man’ is getting another pair of writers for rewrite


Yes, Ant-Man. Yes! Continue to mutate into some abomination. Slough off your Wright-Cornish skin. Waddle through the comedic mud of Adam McKay. But! But continue your metamorphosis! Let us not stop tweaking this script until every ounce of Inspired Auteur has been left in the rubbish pile, replaced with the Clarion Call of Meddling and Wasted Potential!

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Ant-Man didn’t just fall off the Director’s Cliff. It suffered multiple compound fractures before breaking its back on the cold, hard floor of reality.

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Face Palm.

Okay so now Adam McKay has pulled himself out of Ant-Man talks. After getting bummed about Wright, excited about McKay, and now bummed about McKay pulling himself out of talks, I’m ready to give the middle finger to the whole process. Just let me know what mediocre mind you find, Marvel.

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Adam McKay.

As The Ant-Man Turns. From Wright leaving, to three directors being considered, to apparently Adam McKay being offered the gig. Busy fucking week! Busy fucking day! He ain’t fucking Wright, okayIknowthat, but I think I could really enjoy McKay helming the project.

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Wait. KEVIN FEIGE ordered the ‘ANT-MAN’ rewrites? Interesting++

Kevin Feige

So after like four days or whatever (three years if you’re counting the time I spent in my Time Shed after this calamity), I’m not as distraught about Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man. Actually. That’s probably a lie. But even as the wounds try to heal, more news continues to trickle out. When this story first broke, one of the surprising morsels was that the script rewrites were ordered by someone above MCU Czar Mind-Lord, Kevin Feige. But apparently! That ain’t true.

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