Patrick Wilson Joins ‘ANT-MAN’, can’t possibly be worse than his other comic movie

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson was Owl-Guy in Zack Snyder’s fetishistic, slow-motion driven, intellectually challenged rendition of Watchermen. Now he’s back to the comic book stable, joining the cast of Ant-Man.

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EVANGELINE LILLY up for ‘ANT-MAN’ female lead. Hell yeah.

Evangeline Lilly.

Despite being in the middle of a miserable, underdeveloped, brutally shoehorned love triangle, I enjoyed Evangeline Lilly in that disastrous riot of suck that was the second Hobbit movie. Whew! Holy run-on sentence! So with that in mind, you say she’s up for the female lead in Ant-Man? I say fuck yeah! And it could be Wasp? Double fuck yeah.

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‘ANT-MAN’ July 2015 release date moving up to old ‘BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN’ one


To…old…one? What the fuck am I trying to say? Well — I didn’t want to say “release date” twice, but then I got vague. Oh, whatever. We’re not here for that. We’re here to celebrate the Man of Steel franchise doing something good! You see, when Batman vs. Superman vs. Aquaman vacated its planned 2015 date, it allowed something magical to occur. Namely, it allowed Ant-Man to drop sooner!

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MICHAEL PENA may be joining ‘ANT-MAN.’ Who shall he play?

Michael Pena.

Michael Pena is going to be playing an ant in Ant-Man. Sick, right? Naw, I’m just kidding. No idea who he is playing. But I mean…Probably an ant, right? And I’m excited. ‘Cause dude was great in American Hustle. And dude was even better in Eastbound & Down. Getting into that epic boobies versus bums conversation with Kenny. Never forget.

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Michael Douglas.

Well then. Broken news has broken in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Looks like Paul Rudd is going to be playing the more comedic, younger Ant-Man. With Michael Douglas playing an older Hank Pym.

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Who is going to be Ant-Man? Hank Pym? Scott Lang? Both? Neither? Edgar Wright knows, and he’s teasing our tips, lips, and bits with information. Or disinformation. Some sort of formation.

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PAUL RUDD is ANT-MAN. OFFICIALLY. Welcome to the MCU, brah.

Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd is going to be Ant-Man. Paul Rudd is going to be joining the MCU. This — this fries my brain with glory, happiness, glee, confusion. Paul Rudd is going to Ant-Man for Edgar Wright. Is this real life? Times are good, man.

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I’m down with either JGL or Paul Rudd entering through the thickened mucous membrane of casting and seizing the leading role in Ant-Man. Though if I have to play favorites, I’m pretty sure I’d cream everywhere if JGL got the job. I mean, because he’s JGL.

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FIRST OFFICIAL ‘ANT-MAN’ PIC has DROPPED. Insubstantial. Like an ant!

This is a thing.

My first thought when I came across this story was, “Well fuck me, how did I miss the casting of Ant-Man?” Thankfully, I didn’t. Phew. I would have had to up my game. No cast? No problem. That hasn’t stopped Edgar Wright from tantalizing the geek world with an image from the production.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Edgar Wright: We will all meet HANK PYM in ‘ANT-MAN.’ Aiight.

Edgar Wright.

The Avengers 2-Ant-Man-Hank-Pym train continues rumbling through our collective consciousness. Ever since Joss Whedon announced a) Ultron and b) that Hank Pym won’t be creating him in Avengers: Rise of the Ultronics or whatever, people have been wondering how the threads tie together. Here are some…answers?

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