Alan Moore.

The Grand Warlock of the comics scene has announced an open-source digital comics app, appropriately (?) titled “Electricomics.” Which I probably spelled wrong. WHATEVER, YO. Anyways. The entire enterprise is still a bit murky. It’s a digital creation tool, for anyone? But it’s also an anthology starring Moore and others? Or both?

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Well, shoot. I had completely forgotten that Marvel bought Miracleman. Can’t blame myself, since pretty much nothing has happened since they made purchase. However, that shit ends up! Or…in a couple of months.The Company That Loves The Word NOW! is going to begin reprinting the classic tales starting in 2014. After they finish the long-awaited game of catch-up, things get a bit crazier. Neil Gaiman is going to finally get to conclude his arc which has been sitting around for a hot minute.

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Grant Morrison says Alan Moore KILLED THE JOKER in ‘The Killing Joke.’


I’ve always sort of interpreted the ending to The Killing Joke as The Bats finally killing the Joker. So I’m going to double-down on my belief, supported by the Wizard Mind of the Intergalactic Shaman of Comics.

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Nebraska library refuses to PULL ‘BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE.’ Hell yeah.

The Killing Joke.

Yeah library in Nebraska, there you go! Said library has refused to pull Batman: The Killing Joke from its shelves, after a complaint was lodged against the comic book’s content.

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Dave Gibbons’ covers for ‘WATCHMEN’ #1-3 sell for almost $217,000. G’damn.


Dave Gibbons’ covers for The Watching-men, the comic adaptation of the Zack Snyder movie have sold for a ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous amount of money. I mean, the comic was all right. It wasn’t nearly as dope as the movie, but seriously what is?

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Dave Gibbons’ ‘WATCHMEN’ #1 cover art on the auction block. And more!

Watchmen #1.

I guess there were other Watchmen comic books before the movie came out? Shit is hard to keep track of. One of those “comics”(or were they just adaptations of the movie?) was Watchmen #1 (probably a gimmicky marketing number), and its cover is going to be up for sale. It’s done by some Dave Gibbons guy, who frankly, I’m not really acquainted with.

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Alan Moore’s ‘NEONOMICON’ pulled from South Carolina library.

Deep down inside, I know that I disagree with a library’s decision to yank Neonomicon from the shelves. I do. I appreciate the need to combat censorship, that sort of thing. On a more visceral level however, I can’t be too offended. While a bit heady in places, Moore’s entire series is slathering in the jizz of mythical monster orgies and ultra violence. Like, seriously.

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Grant Morrison responds to Alan Moore’s continual trash talking. It’s on!

Alan Moore doesn’t like Grant Morrison. That shouldn’t be surprising. Alan Moore doesn’t like anything that isn’t wizardry, orgies involving mythical creatures, or giving birds a home in his beard. After taking a continual beating from everyone’s favorite comics scribe turned necromancer, Grant Morrison has responded to Moore’s criticism.

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CBLDF And Other Organizations Come To Defense of Alan Moore’s ‘NEONOMICON’ After Library Pulls It.

The CBLDF and other organizations are launching into action after Alan Moore and Jacen Burrow’s pretty fucking terrifying comic Neonomicon got pulled from a library in South Carolina.

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‘BEFORE WATCHMEN’ Is A ‘Love Letter’ To The Original, Dan DiDio Says. Written By Empty, Parasitic Stalkers.

Dan DiDio is taking to The Guardian to defend Before Watchmen, calling it s love letter to Alan Moore’s creation. What DiDio doesn’t mention is that sometimes love letters are epistles scribbled in feces and blood, rambling incoherently. Rambling to such a degree because those penning the shit-blood missive are empty souls, without an ability to define their existence without the object of their love.

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