‘Mr. Robot’ likely ending after next season, which is good cause don’t drag out dope shit

mr robot season 4 final season

Mr. Robot‘s first and third seasons are some of my favorite television, ever. However, an unwatchable second season is sandwiched between. In my eyes, this is attributed to a lot of stalling by the writers. So, I’m glad that the next season of the show is the last. Some straight-up end-game shit. No stalling, no fucking around. Fuck society.

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Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller to reprise his role as ‘Robocop’ in the upcoming sequel. I’m even more sold on this shit, dudes

neill blomkamp peter weller robocop sequel

Yo, does it ever seem like Neill Blomkamp fucking gets it. I was already marginally excited about the director bringing to life a Robocop sequel. With the original writers. But, now? Dude wants to bring back the Robocop. Let’s get this shit done.

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Blizzard’s ‘Diablo’ team reveals new project announcements dropping later this year

blizzard diablo team announcement

It appears that the Forces of Evil are going to Grow Stronger, once again. Diablo‘s Community Manager Nevalistis has revealed that Diablo project announcements are coming later this year.

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Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’s dope-ass comic ‘Saga’ taking an entire year off

saga comic year off brian k vaughan fiona staples

Saga, dope-ass comic book and brainchild of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples is taking a year off. This is fantastic, because it allows me to catch-up on the title. However, it would be fantastic even if I was. If the two of them feel the creative juices ebbing, I would rather they take a spot to recharge.

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Space Swoon: Space Dude Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon, 49 years-ago today!

man on the moon 49 years ago today

Behold! A glorious picture of space dude Buzz Aldrin romping on the Moon, some 49 years-ago today.

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‘Overlord’ Trailer: I Am 100% Down For Nazi Zombie Mayhem

I’m more than ready for some Nazi Zombie-fighting mayhem.

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Official ‘Aquaman’ Poster: Just a brah and his aquatic crew

official aquaman poster

Not gonna lie, dudes. I’m considerably worried about Aquaman, given that we haven’t seen a single fucking clip from the movie yet. And, oh yeah, it drops in like five months. I know its presence at the upcoming SDCC is the automatic retort. But, come on. You’re not a little worried?

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Idris Elba is the villain in the ‘Fast and Furious’ spin-off starring The Rock and Statham. MOTY confirmed!

idris elba fast and furious spin off villain

How do you force me to get even more torqued about The Rock’s Fast and Furious spin-off? Push my purple-headed priapism to previously inconceivable heights? Cast Idris Elba as the villain.

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Taking the week off from streaming! Back next week!

Report: Matt Reeves is gonna reboot ‘The Batman’ and the standalone movie will replace Ben Affleck. Like, no shit

matt reeves batman reboot ben affleck

So, like. This report that everyone is kicking around, it’s basically just like, reiterating other reports from the past fifteen or so months. Right?

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