‘Wonder Woman’ Villain Will Be Played By ‘Harry Potter’ Actor David Thewlis

wonder woman villain david thewlis

Lupin is coming to the DCU! Hopping ship from one of the most beloved franchises in Hollywood history to one of its most renowned dumpster fires.

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Microsoft Revealing Its Xbox Project Scorpio On June 11

xbox project scorpio june 11

As someone who buys every new console, and is the contradiction of being both a console gamer and a graphics whore, I’m sweating this news.

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Joe Carnahan Directing ‘The Raid’ Remake Starring Frank Grillo

joe carnahan the raid starring frank grillo

The Raid is getting remade by Joe Carnahan, and it’s starring Frank Grillo. I’m stoked by this news, as I’m a fan of the actor smashing skulls. Looking gruff and sexy. Smashing more skulls.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Adds ‘Westworld’ Fave Thandie Newton

han solo movie westworld thandie newton

Thandie Newton has joined the cast of the Han Solo movie. She…she gotta be playing Han Solo’s wife, right?

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Monday Morning Commute: Remember the Bloodletting

Remember the BloodlettingOne time I got my ram stolen.

It was the morning of the Harvest Festival. My thirteenth Harvest Festival. And as such, I was going to get to prove my Worth to the Tribe. I was going to sacrifice Demeter, the family ram, in front of the Great Altar, and in doing so I’d be acknowledged as a Member Whose Voice is Heard.

It was to be a bloody, gruesome, and glorious rite of passage.

But I woke up to Skinny Tina, my kid sister, screeching “He stoled it! He stoled Demeter!”

“Who stole Demeter?”


Peter-Boy was my rival, and not in no friendly way, neither. His family’d provided more for him than they’d ever should have. And the Tribe’d provided more than it should have. But he just couldn’t get his shit together. So when he lost his family’s goat just a week before his thirteenth Harvest Festival, he found himself in the most unenviable position of not having a viable sacrifice for the Great Altar.

No sacrifice, no way to prove Worth to the Tribe. And let me tell you, the stink of trying to prove your Worth during your fourteenth Harvest? It don’t dissipate quick.

So when I gently instructed Peter-Boy to “Give me back the ram or I’ll tear your goddamn lungs outta yer chest” it shouldn’t’ve been no surprise that he’d flash a blade. But! It shouldn’t’ve been no surprise to him when I flashed my own. We darted and slashed and dashed, and when it was all over there was a clear victor.

That nite, I became a Member Whose Voice is Heard. And I did it by spilling blood for the second time that day. And it was bloody and gruesome and glorious.


Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! Remember way back in kindergarten when you’d have to bring in something to show the class? And then you’d tell the class all `bout it? And everyone would get excited? And then you’d kinda forget that you were even in the Indoctrination Camp school in the first place?

Think of the MMC as the same idea, just amplified in importance. What sort of pop culture, subculture, and uncultured nonsense are you going to consume to stave off the Void this week?

I’ll get us started!

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Report: ‘The Batman’ Is Being Directed By Matt Reeves

the batman director matt reeves

When Batfleck announced he wasn’t directing The Batman, the first name that dropped as his replacement was Matt Reeves. It appears that name was, in fact, correct. And my take? Sure? Dude is competent enough. Enormous fall down from Christopher Nolan, maybe a fall down from Affleck, certainly Jesus Christ in comparison to Zack Snyder.

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Space Swoon: Hubble Spies The Andromeda Constellation’s Spiral

hubble andromeda constellation spiral

Hubble has captured the glorious spiral of the Andromeda constellation. Not to be confused with our neighboring Andromeda galaxy.

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Kevin Smith Announces New ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ Film

kevin smith new jay and silent bob movie

Hey! Party like its 2000! I have no desire to see a new Jay And Silent Bob movie. I’m going to cling on to my fuzzy Clerks nostalgia and push the rest of it to the side.

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Report: ‘The Batman’ Getting “Fresh Start” When New Director Is Chosen

the batman new director fresh start

Oh, The Batman. At one point you were the shining beacon of the DC cinematic universe. Now, now you’re just another project mired in turd-soaked controversy. The movie has gone from being written, directed, and starring Ben Affleck to starring the actor, but being being written and directed by one huge shrug.

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Boyega Shares ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Photo Depicting His New Look

pacific rim uprising john boyega pentecost

John Boyega dropped a new official image from Pacific Rim: Uprising today. It features the actor looking #broodingaf while proclaiming that he is Pentecost.

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