Every Xbox One game will be playable on Microsoft’s streaming service, Project xCloud. Game streaming war is heating the fuck up!

Microsoft is going heavy into the game streaming service. We’ve known that for a bit. But, how deep? Apparently the company is going to be offering every single fucking XB1 title on it. I guess this isn’t surprising, right? Still though, kind of goddamn impressive.

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Microsoft is apparently launching disc-less Xbox One S next month. The future is intangible, I guess

microsoft all digital xbox one

As more and more people move towards owning the digital-rights of properties, be it games or movies, I’ve shuffled towards the tangible. So, I’m not stoked on the news that Microsoft is dropping a disc-less only Xbox One. However, I imagine this news will tickle the taint of those who don’t fear losing access to their digi-products.

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Microsoft says Xbox One finally getting that promised full keyboard and mouse support

microsoft xbox keyboard mouse support

Microsoft promised keyboard and mouse support for the XBONE way back in 2016. And while I can’t imagine anyone purchased the console based on that promise, those waiting for it are finally getting their wish. Soon.

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Microsoft’s next Xbox console will also have a cloud-only version

microsoft new xbox cloud only version

Microsoft’s working on a new XBOX. This much is obvious, is known. However, what’s interesting is that the company is working on a cloud-only iteration of the console that’ll only stream games. Sounds wild, I ain’t interested, though. Give me a nice physical, beefy console. How about you?

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‘Xbox One X’ is the official name of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, dropping November 7

project scorpio xbox one x

Well, the “most powerful console ever” has an official name. Xbox One X. Microsoft is officially wading into Square game title territory with this one.

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Microsoft Scorpio price maybe leaks at $500, and that makes sense to me

microsoft scorpio price leak

The price for Microsoft’s Scorpio console has leaked prior to the official reveal, and it’s going to be $500. I’ve heard some gnashing of the teeth about this price point and frankly I’m confused. It’s a completely optional, premium console for only the most tech whorish folks out there (hi!). It isn’t ushering in a new generation, *and* it’s the most powerful console ever. Frankly, I was expecting an even *higher* price. Maybe it’s just me.

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Microsoft reveals Xbox Project Scorpio’s hardware specs. Most powerful console ever, or something.

xbox microsoft project scorpio specs

Today, Microsoft revealed the specs for Project Scorpio. It is, as you may imagine, the most powerful console ever. But, since like, it doesn’t carry any exclusives I give a fuck about, I’m going to end up passing for now.

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Microsoft Rebuilding Xbox One Dashboard With Emphasis On Speed

xbox one dashboard rebuilding

Microsoft is finally rebuilding their XB1 dashboard. Previously, it was built around Kinect usage. Which currently probably pleases the two people who use Kinects. However, the next iteration is going to be fast and furious. Fast! And fucking furious!

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Sony reveals ‘PlayStation 4 Pro’ capable of 4K and HDR gaming; Microsoft responds that Scorpio’s power advantage will be “obvious”


Sony has revealed their PlayStation 4 Pro, after months of speculation. It’s a beefier, more powerful PS4. I’ve already pre-ordered mine. At the same time, Microsoft has already lobbed bombs at Sony’s next iteration, saying that the power advantage of the new XB1 iteration will be “obvious” — I will preorder that, as well.

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Microsoft claims “Project Scorpio” will have VR Exclusives; declares console generations dead


I’m selling my XB1. Do you want an XB1? ‘Cause I’m certainly going to be buying a Project Scorpio, and I’m certainly going to be playing any XB1 exclusives until then on my PC. That said, I’m buying Project Scorpio because I’m a Consumerist Whore, not because of any VR exclusives.

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