‘Xbox One X’ is the official name of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, dropping November 7

project scorpio xbox one x

Well, the “most powerful console ever” has an official name. Xbox One X. Microsoft is officially wading into Square game title territory with this one.


Microsoft’s Xbox One upgrade will be called the Xbox One X, the company announced during its E3 2017 press briefing today.

The Xbox One X will be released Nov. 7 worldwide, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced. However, the company has yet to announce a price — we’ll update as soon as that happens.

Microsoft updated the Xbox One last year with the Xbox One S, a white redesign of the original black console that reduced its size by 40 percent. Unlike the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X will come in black — although it looks very similar to the white console in design, as you can see above.

The Xbox One S is currently available at a $50 discount, which drops the price of the cheapest bundle to just $199.99. Scorpio will be a significantly more powerful console, with a more than fourfold increase over the Xbox One’s graphics capability, a 31 percent increase in CPU speed, and a 50 percent increase in onboard RAM.