Microsoft bringing back Xbox All Access bundles with Project Scarlett upgrade included in one. G’damn that’s gotta be tempting for some!

microsoft all access project scarlett

Microsoft is bringing back its All Access bundle. The motherfucker is essentially the same as a cell phone subsidization or whatever — you pay as little as $19.99 a month for 24-months. In return? You get a console, XBL, and Xbox Game Pass. But, wait, there’s more! If you choose to opt into the Xbox One X bundle? You’ll get a free upgrade to Project Scarlett next year.

Pretty fucking dope deal, no?

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‘Halo 3’ and other Xbox 360 games getting enhanced for the Xbox One X

xbox 360 games enhanced xbox one x

Man. Microsoft ain’t fucking around with their insanely opulent, excessively powerful console. The company has announced they’re not just enhancing some XB1 games for the console. No sir. No ma’am. Perhaps in an effort to justify throwing $500 at the console, the company is also going to be enhancing select Xbox 360 games.

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‘Xbox One X’ is the official name of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, dropping November 7

project scorpio xbox one x

Well, the “most powerful console ever” has an official name. Xbox One X. Microsoft is officially wading into Square game title territory with this one.

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Microsoft’s Project Scorpio specs coming Thursday, rumored name is “Xbox One X”

microsoft project scorpio thursday

On Thursday, we’re finally going to get them meaty Project Scorpio specs we’ve been hankering for. The reveal is coming courtesy of Digital Foundry and EuroGamer.

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