Every Xbox One game will be playable on Microsoft’s streaming service, Project xCloud. Game streaming war is heating the fuck up!

Microsoft is going heavy into the game streaming service. We’ve known that for a bit. But, how deep? Apparently the company is going to be offering every single fucking XB1 title on it. I guess this isn’t surprising, right? Still though, kind of goddamn impressive.


A major selling point for Xbox One is its broad backward compatibility with an array of Xbox and Xbox 360 games, giving it an enormous library of more than 3,500 titles. When Project xCloud debuts, it’ll be capable of streaming any of those games out of the gate without developers needing to make any changes. Microsoft also says when a developer updates an Xbox One game, those changes will be automatically applied to Project xCloud versions.

The company revealed some other news as it continues to build out the platform. It has deployed custom Project xCloud blades to Azure data centers in 13 regions, with a focus on those in the game development hotspots of North America, Europe and Asia. The likes of Capcom and Paradox Interactive can now test games directly with Project xCloud too.

A recent update to the Xbox Developer Kit includes deeper support for streaming, so that games can adjust their features and functionality when they’re running on the cloud. Those adjustments could include hosting multiplayer matches on a sole server to minimize latency, or tweaking font sizes when you’re playing on a device with a smaller screen, which could prove a boon for accessibility.

Microsoft recently started an alpha test of the platform employees are trying at home, and the first public beta is slated for later this year. When it does officially arrive, you’ll have plenty of games to choose from to keep yourself occupied, especially since there are more than 1,900 Xbox One games currently in development. And who knows, an even bigger library might open up in the future after Sony and Microsoft recently opened talks on cloud-based gaming.