Larry David reportedly working on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ movie


I like Larry David. I like Curb Your Enthusiasm. I would very much like a Curb Your Enthusiasm movie. How about you?

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Hulu paid $180 million for every episode of Seinfeld


Hulu is banking on you, like, really wanting to watch Seinfeld.

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‘Ant-Man’ Trailer: Shrinking Man, Shrinking Expectations

Tuesday Afternoon Commute: All Aboard The Malaise Train


Welcome to Tuesday Afternoon Commute! It’s your Captain! Caff-Pow! Choo choo! I’m currently championing all rides aboard the Malaise Train. Here on the Malaise Train we have a vague feeling that things aren’t that bad but who cares when we’re just a collection of borrowed atoms and at best like seventy years away from dissolution? Yeah man I need to read some Camus, find the Absurdist Purpose, and rally. But until then I’m going to share what I’m “enjoying” this week as I stare dead-eyed at my Tumblr feed.

Share your own diggings, perhaps they can penetrate my perpetual pall.

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3D Realms’ ‘Bombshell’ Trailer: From Duke Nukem To Diablo

Report: Apple working on self-driving car

tim COKZ

…because of course. Nice to see Apple joining Google in the race to awaken our Corporobotic Overlords.

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Weekend Open Bar: Straight shots of the sterno!


How is it that I only had three days of work this week, and I’m fucking staggered? Could it be the Omni-Pall that has encapsulated Massachusetts? Perhaps, perchance, probably. All I know is that it’s Friday and I’m ready to hit the Open Bar. Shove aside Rendar who is bartending, reach behind the counter, find the biggest, filthiest bottle of Mind Alteration, and take a rip.

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Marvel Studios shuffles four movie release dates in wake of Marvel Studios/Sony Spider-Pact


Now that Marvel Studios sort of/kind of own Spider-Man, they certainly aren’t going to cannibalize their own sales. In order to prevent themselves from doing this though, the studio finds themselves having to push around some release dates.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Episode Duscae Trailer: Behemoths & Boy Bands

‘Age of Ultron’ Promo Images: Hulkbusting Fat Heads


Whole goddamn slurry of new Age of Ultron promo images. Featuring the ubiquitous Hulk versus Hulkbuster promo images we have come to expect from EVERYTHING REGARDING Avengers: Tony Fucked Up. Plus a look at some seriously fucking cheesy Age of Ultron Fat Heads. You know, them giant decals you slap on your wall.

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