Rumor: Woody Harrelson playing Carnage in the upcoming ‘Venom’ movie. Stop getting me excited, please

woody harrelson carnage venom movie

I want to write off the Venom movie. Perhaps preemptively, I know. But, I mean. That trailer! Woof. However, I just can’t seem to fucking ditch a quiet, reluctant excitement for the movie. Now, this! Goddamn Woody Harrelson as Carnage? I’m sprung.

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Jenny Slate has been cast in the ‘Venom’ movie starring Tom Hardy

jenny slate tom hardy venom movie

Not much to say here, I mean, right? The Tom Hardy-starring Venom movie’s cast continues to come together, and, well. So far it’s pretty impressive.

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Michelle Williams has joined Tom Hardy in that ‘Venom’ movie that is still happening

michelle williams tom hardy venom movie

Snark aside, I’m pretty excited for the Venom flick. Terms like “Cronenberg” and “Body Horror” have been bandied about, and, fuck, Tom Hardy. With Michelle Williams joining the cast, my quietly simmering excitement continues to build.

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Tom Hardy starring in ‘Venom’ movie with ‘Zombieland’ director helming it

tom hardy venom zombieland director

I, I just don’t care Venom movie. I know that Tom Hardy is starring in it. Awesome. I know the director of Zombieland is directing it. Awesome. But, man. My apathy. How about you?

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Sony Announces ‘Venom’ Movie Is Dropping Next Year

sony venom movie 2018

Sony’s announced that we got ourselves a Venom movie coming next year. I can’t really find the juice to get excited for it, but I hope it turns out to rock.

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‘Venom’ movie is in the works at Sony, to be stand-alone franchise

‘Chronicle Director’ Josh Trank In Talks To Do ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Off ‘VENOM’ Well Then!

Josh Trank was the director behind the found-footage white-washed Akira  flick Chronicle. (Calm down, I’m almost joking.) Now he’s in talks to lead the Amazing Spider-Man  spin-off flick starring Venom.

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