‘Top Gun 2’ brings in Christopher McQuarrie for script rewrites. This means it’s going to be fucking awesome, folks

top gun 2 christopher mcquarrie script rewrite

Christopher McQuarrie fucking owns, my dudes. Not only did he direct two of the best action movies in recent memory (that would be the last two Mission: Impossible movies), but he also made Jack Reacher fun. So, the fact that Tom Cruise has brought in the dude for Top Gun 2 rewrites? The movie is in good, good hands.

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‘Top Gun 2’ casts Jon Hamm and Ed Harris. What the fuck is going on? I love it.

top gun 2 jon hamm ed harris

Top Gun 2 is really going to be a thing. And I’m fine with that, given my love for both 1980s movies, and Tom Cruise action hero bullshit. However, this casting is odd nonetheless. Again, again! I’m not complaining. But, what exactly is a afoot here?

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‘Top Gun 2’ is definitely happening according to Tom Cruise, cause why not

tom cruise top gun 2

Top Gun 2 is definitely happening, according to Xenu’s right hand man. The Cruise shall be bringing it to life, and the film will reportedly be directed by Joseph Kosinski.

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‘Top Gun 2’ writer is the dude who upcoming ‘Jungle Book’

Top Gun!

Don’t worry, Bros. We’re still going to be able to get good and oiled-up. Play a second round of volleyball. Enjoy a second round of America, Fuck Yeah! After going silent for a bit after the passing of Tony Scott, the Top Gun sequel is gaining traction.

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Jerry “Slop Culture Maven” Bruckheimer signs Paramount deal. ‘TOP GUN 2’ is TOTS PRIORITY.

Jerry returns.

Give it up to Jerry Bruckheimer. No, seriously. Give it up to him. He’s completely uncomfortable with the fact that Michael “Dig My Mullet, Assholes” Bay is the undisputed king of cinematic pop culture diarrhea these days. Jerry is going to rally. He swears to his disgusted wife, his ashamed kids. How goes Jerry plan on doing this? Dethroning the Golden Mullet?

A couple of sequels that’ll milk your knickers clean.

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‘TOP GUN 2’ To Come Out Before ‘MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5’…Oh Yeah Totally Makes Sense.

How the hot shit across a cold piece of bread does this make any sense. Some Paramount executive-cock fart has informed the world that before M:I5  will come Top Gun 2. Why follow up on the best installment in a franchise when you can recook a homoerotic Cold War propaganda flick?

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Tom Cruise CONFIRMED For ‘Top Gun 2’ Homoerotic Jet Ownage

Maverick flies again, motherfucker! Top Gun 2  is going to cruise (ha!) on into existence, and Tommy Xenu will be present.

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‘The Town’ Writer Peter Craig Scripting ‘Top Gun 2, I Propose ‘Xenu Prevails!’

Peter Craig, who wrote The Town  is going to be breathing life into a script for Top Gun 2. You’re totally stoked. Don’t lie. I can see the excitement in your loins with my heat vision.

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