Monday Morning Commute: the stars are yours (and mine)

monday morning commute the stars are yours (and mine)

Goddamn, is the Fall ever a twinset of gloom and glory. There’s something sublime about watching the leaves turn, experiencing the air crispen, and observing the stars throb. But, at the same time? Man, does it make existing a struggle. Early evenings, dreary afternoons, and the promise of only more darkness for the foreseeable future.

Like I said, a twinset! For as much as I enjoyed Fall last week? Sunday was a soufflé of sadness and ennui.

And then!

The work week!

Fuck me!

Anyways, thankfully, I got my own series of supplements to get me through the work week. And, I don’t just mean the uncomfortably large number of actual supplements I take on a daily basis. I also mean the variety of shows, games, and other pop culture popcorn I’m gorging on, to fight back the darkness.

And since this is Monday Morning Commute, I’ll enumerate them for you! Then, I hope you’ll join me in the comments section.

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Linda Hamilton is returning to the ‘Terminator’ franchise, cause why the fuck not at this point

linda hamilton returning terminator franchise

Hard to really bag on the news that Linda Hamilton is returning, right? I mean, every old as fuck person in Hollywood is returning to their either dormant or dead-as-fuck franchise at this point. As well, who knows. The Terminator flicks really don’t have anything to lose at this point.

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James Cameron wants new ‘Terminator’ trilogy cause he loves giving us movies we don’t want

james cameron new terminator trilogy

How can you make me groan more than the proposed fifteen or whatever the fuck Avatar movies? Tell me that Jimmy Cameron is attempting to resurrect the Terminator franchise, again, with a fucking trilogy.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in sixth ‘Terminator’ movie because hey rehash refry into eternity

arnold sixth terminator movie starring

Arnold Schwarzenegger, no longer a marketable star, will return for the sixth Terminator movie, no longer a marketable franchise. That said — here’s hoping somehow, someway, it fucking rules.

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Next ‘Terminator’ Movie Cancelled, Arnold Schwarzenegger Done With Franchise

terminator movie cancelled arnold schwarzenegger gone

Wait for it. The next Terminator movie has been…Wait. Wait. Wait. Terminated! Fuck, fuck I hate myself. And, should the franchise ever come back, it will be without Schwarzenegger.

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‘Terminator’ Returning Courtesy Of James Cameron And ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miler

terminator james cameron deadpool director

The Terminator is apparently coming back, again. Don’t know how many stalled returns for the Terminator we can all get excited for, but who the fuck knows. If it’s a good movie, will I be excited? Sure. Does James Cameron returning, in tandem with Tim Miller give it a good chance at being good? Sure.

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‘Terminator 2’ announces 3D Rerelease Next Year with New Poster

Terminator 2-3D

Terminator 2 is getting a rerelease next, presumably to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Skynet’s awakening. And what is a good rerelease, without a new poster?

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Hawking, Musk, Chomsky, and more sign open letter to ban Artificial Intelligence Weapons


A real fucking murderer’s row of intelligentsia have signed an open letter calling for a ban on Artificial Intelligence-based weaponry. Sure! Why not? Personally, I’ve always thought that if anything was to rise up and gain Artificial Intelligence, it would probably just be really fucking bored with us ape-folk. And our violence. And our war. But who knows. Maybe it would take on all of our wonderful traits, and subjugate the fuck out of us.

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‘TERMINATOR’ getting New TV Series. It’ll tie-in with movie reboot.

The Terminator.

Is anyone around here a Terminator fanatic? I really can’t muster a fuck regarding the franchise, despite Terminator 2 being one of my favorite action movies of all time. So when this sort of shit is announced – a television show tying into a new movie – I just sort of shrug. I go, “where’s the beef?! Where is it?!” Everyone just looks at me weird like, dude, we’re talking about television shows. Not hormone-drenched cow flesh.

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‘FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON’ stars KYLE REESE from ‘TERMINATOR’, will blow your mind on May 1.

Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon.

The hits just keep coming with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Not only is there less than a month until this game’s cyber-arm will blast our gaming G and P-spots, but the fucking game is starring none other than Kyle Reese. Can you feel my nipples hardening from there? I’m carving your name in ice with them. I love you. Let us love this game together.

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