Dude gets Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ to play on a Game Boy Advance. What a brutal teabagging.

Understandably, Christopher Nolan really wanted Tenet to be seen on the big screen. I saw it on VOD, and while I enjoyed it, all I could think about is how fucking amazing it would have been at the theater. Since them, intrepid motherfuckers have been getting it to run on a series of nauseatingly inappropriate devices. The latest monstrosity? Dude got it to run on a Game Boy Advance. This shit is equal parts horrifying and wonderful.

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‘Tenet’ available to watch at home on December 15. About time! Get it?

tenet vod release date december 15

We finally know when Christopher Nolan’s latest mindbending, self-masturbating opus Tenet is coming to homes. The motherfucker is going to be dropping December 15, and I’ll admit that I’m stoked. Like, even if the movie sucks, or is a mess, it’s still a Nolan jam. There will be enough to appreciate and pick at, you know?

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‘Tenet’ opening internationally on August 26, and in “select” U.S cities on September 3rd because we are so fucking dumb

tenet international release august 26 us select cities september 6

Tenet is officially no longer waiting for our stupid fucking asses to figure things out. Indeed, the movie is opening internationally on August 26, and in select U.S. cities on September 3rd. But, man. Given that the country is currently a COVID dumpster fire who knows what those cities will actually be.

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Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ has been delayed indefinitely because people can’t wear fucking masks

nolan tenet delayed indefinitely

Tenet has been delayed indefinitely, folks. Which means Nolan and WB have accepted the obvious. You know, that movie theaters ain’t fucking opening any time soon.

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Nolan’s blockbuster ‘Tenet’ delayed yet again, this time until August 12. Bro, just stop dating it for fuck’s sake

tenet delayed august 2020

Tenet‘s been delayed again, folks! August 12! This must deeply frustrate Extremely Humble Director Christopher Nolan, who wants Tenet to be the movie that saves movie theaters. No, seriously. And it’s led to him pressuring WB to release the movie this summer. But, the result of all that shit? The flick getting continuously delayed, as COVID lights our social lives on fire. Almost fucking comical at this point, right? Like, fellas. Just give it a date when everything isn’t coming apart at the seams.

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Christopher Nolan crashed a real Boeing 747 for ‘Tenet’ instead of using CG. Fucking respect, man.

christopher nolan crash 747 tenet

Christopher Nolan crashed a motherfucking Boeing 747 for Tenet, instead of using CG. My word.  Bro doesn’t fuck around. Dude loves shooting on film, and apparently he also loves crashing shit instead of using shitty looking rendered visuals.

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‘Tenet’ Trailer: It’ll open the right doors…some of the wrong ones too. In theaters July 17, still! Apparently!

Here’s the new trailer for Nolan’s audacious, mind-bending movie, Tenet. And, I’m going to level with you! I’m not watching the trailer. I already want to see this shit, badly. That said? I’m impressed Warner Brothers is doubling down on its release date, July 17.

Check it out for yourself, if you’re inclined!

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New ‘Tenet’ trailer is going to debut in ‘Fortnite’ because God is both dead and hates us.

tenet trailer fortnite

New Tenet trailer coming, baby! But, uh. It’s debuting in Fortnite. What the absolute fuck.

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‘Tenet’ Trailer: Nolan’s got a mind-bending, time traveling espionage flick. Fuck yeah!

Oh baby! Here’s a big, meaty, thick, throbbing trailer for Tenet. What’s the movie about? Uh, time traveling and doing spy shit. Outside of that? Not sure, but I’m in!

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‘Tenet’ Trailer: Nolan’s next flick involves time-travelling spies. I’m fucking in!

tenet trailer nolan time travel

It’s here! Finally! The trailer for Nolan’s next movie, Tenet. It had been dropped in theaters this summer, but now the Powers That Market have finally seen fit to usher it onto the internet.

After the jump because it’s a fucking Twitter video.

As well, let me know what you think!

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