Chris Pratt says the ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’ movie is not dead

chris pratt cowboy ninja viking movie not dead

Chris Pratt has said that the Cowboy Ninja Viking movie is not dead. Which is great, because the comic book series about multiple-personality murderous assassins was hilarious and fucking gorgeous.

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Bill Hader joins ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ as the new captain


Bill Hader is awesome. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is awesome. Thus, this news is awesome.

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OL’s Official ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Post-Apocalyptic Discussion Post


So, I haven’t even *seen* Mad Max: Fury Road yet, but a lot of the regulars around here have. And so I figured it would make the most sense to give you folks (and me, tonight, around 10pm!) a space to discuss the movie. In all its fucking glory, in a spoiler-filled, Thunderdome-esque genitals-rubbing cataclysmic post.

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Warner Bros. is making an ‘Adventure Time’ movie, Mathematical!

adventure time

Fuck yes! Adventure Time is getting a full-length feature!

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Watch: REJECTED ‘GAME OF THRONES’ characters by Benjamin Santiago

ben are you even serious

Friend of the site (and nauseatingly talented dude) Benjamin Santiago has dropped another gem. His latest magnum-madness opus is Rejected Game of Thrones characters, and he has me sold at “his sigil a black fiery drumstick.”

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Be Handsome Jack from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ with this printable mask. Geekcraft rock!

This is the berries, right hurr. Jeffrey Broome has concocted a printable mask of the smarmy Borderlands 2 antagonist for us to all don with glee. Forget Guy Fawkes, it is all Handsome Jack. All the time.

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The ZOOLOGICAL UNIVERSE Takes Literal Approach To Cosmic Bodies

Christian Petersen is bringing the heat with these prints. They take some of us space-dork-lords’ favorite cosmic entities and pair them with a mighty beast best befitting the space wonder.

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