Be Handsome Jack from ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ with this printable mask. Geekcraft rock!

This is the berries, right hurr. Jeffrey Broome has concocted a printable mask of the smarmy Borderlands 2 antagonist for us to all don with glee. Forget Guy Fawkes, it is all Handsome Jack. All the time.


Halloween is coming up surprisingly fast. If you find yourself seeking a gaming-themed costume, have you considered perhaps being Handsome Jack?

Reader Jeffrey Broome directed us to this papercraft mask he made, featuring the villain ofBorderlands 2. Not only is the mask fairly impressive-looking on its own, but he’s also shared the pattern and instructions for printing and assembling your own.

It’s a complex piece of papercraft that he warns won’t be easy for beginners to assemble. But for the right party? Totally worth it.

Handsome Jack papercraft mask [Gearbox forums. Thanks, Jeffrey!]