The ZOOLOGICAL UNIVERSE Takes Literal Approach To Cosmic Bodies

Christian Petersen is bringing the heat with these prints. They take some of us space-dork-lords’ favorite cosmic entities and pair them with a mighty beast best befitting the space wonder.


Since time immemorial, people have looked up into the night sky and imagined that they saw animals and mythological creatures traced in the constellations above. Christian Petersen’s Zoological Universe prints apply that idea to the cosmic images of modern space porn.

Petersen’s series doesn’t take a literal approach to pairing animals with comic entities. Instead, he looks at the space images and finds the animals they best evoke from his perspective. The purple hues of the Lagoon Nebula translate into a mighty octopus while a barn owl stretches its wings across the twinkling stars of the Cone Nebula.

Visit Petersen’s Etsy store to see which animals found their way to the Flame Nebula, the Omega Nebula, the Witch Head Nebula, and more.