‘Sin City’ TV series coming with Robert Rodriguez in talks to join project. Could be great! Could be ass!

sin city tv robert rodrigurez

I fucking loved Sin City back in the day. Then, I tried to rewatch it. Don’t, don’t do it. It just ain’t the same. But, I’m still down for a TV series. Let’s see how it goes!

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Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ is being rebooted as a TV series

sin city tv series reboot

Do, do people care about Sin City anymore? I sure don’t. I’m sure others do. But, hey, maybe a TV series can reinvigorate my expired-ass interest in the franchise.

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Frank Miller confirms work on new ‘Sin City’ comic

Frank Miller.

Frank Miller isn’t sitting on his laurels, after Dark Knight III: UberRaceMen or whatever. The writer confirmed at NYCC this past weekend that he has a Sin City in the works.

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Monday Morning Commute: reality lies


Reality is, at best, a tenuous set of consensual hallucinations that we share with one another. Our greasy faces, our fat, gibbering jowls, our swollen, offensive ocular meat-balls all nodding in agreement at the barest, most pathetic concept of reality we hew together as Man. But hey. What the fuck do you want out of me? I can’t do shit about it. #YOLO So I’m going to live my life, dimly aware that my beliefs are conjured by a primitive brain-steak based on embarrassingly limited means of perception, and also play some video games. Love my fellow man. Hold doors, say please and thank you. Read some books. And watch Brock Lesnar give people the F5. ‘Cause really there’s no reason to do otherwise.

This is Monday Morning Commute – the column where we list the various ways we’re staving off staring into the Abyss and realizing how fucking Dumb It All Is. Generally these ways take the form of arts, farts, cheap beers, and ideally – Skittles.

I’ll go first.

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PRESIDENT PALMER joins ‘SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’, replacing Michael Clarke Duncan.

President Palmer up in this fucking house! Good dude is replacing Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City: Things are Mysterious In Black and White. Glad to see someone is employing the dude outside of car insurance commercials and such.

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Robert Rodriguez Teases CAST & FORMAT Of ‘SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’. It’s Happening!

It seems that Sin City: A Dame To Kill For  is actually happening. The title is segueing from the world of the ethereal and into the reality. Man-In-Charge  Robert Rodriguez has helped to condense the vapors further, letting MTV in on some of the sequel’s details.

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‘SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR’ Is Happening. Casting Begins Next Week, Shooting This Summer

I’m not certain many of us around the OLverse care about a sequel to Sin City  anymore, but we’re finally getting it. Casting for A Dame To Kill For  will kick off next week, with filming going down this summer. Ya heard!

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‘SIN CITY 2’ May Shoot This Summer, And Other Rodriguez Tidbits.

Oh, to dream of Sin City 2. There was a day when the merest mention of the movie got my little noir ultra-violent core most excite!!!!, but not anymore. I’ve been deceived too many times. Told the film was on its way to fruition over and over again. Now at SXSW,  Robert Rodriguez is trying to get my hopes up. Again.

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