‘SIN CITY 2’ May Shoot This Summer, And Other Rodriguez Tidbits.

Oh, to dream of Sin City 2. There was a day when the merest mention of the movie got my little noir ultra-violent core most excite!!!!, but not anymore. I’ve been deceived too many times. Told the film was on its way to fruition over and over again. Now at SXSW,  Robert Rodriguez is trying to get my hopes up. Again.

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“Sin City” roared onto screens back in 2005, and ever since then, sequel talk has moved in fits and starts with very little happening. But 2011 saw the most movement in a while, with  William Monahan  being  hired on  to finish the script, and  Frank Millerteasing  that  Jessica Alba’s character of Nancy Callahan would have a storyline that would thread the two movies together. That start date has remained always shifting or forever elusive, though now,  Robert Rodriguez  says it might just happen this year.

Hitting  SXSW  this week, Rodriguez provided a few updates on what he’s got cooking. First up, he revealed that at his newly launched  Quickdraw Animation  shingle, he’s prepping a family film but wouldn’t say anything more, not even the title as it would give away the whole concept. But his plan is to develop the movie inhouse at  Troublemaker  with a team of animators to help come up with the story and visual elements before partnering with Quickdraw to take it over the finish line.

And oh yeah, “Sin City 2.” The director said there is a possibility it will shoot this summer. While we’ve heard rumors of start dates before, this actually is consistent with what he  told us last year at  Comic-Con. With “Machete Kills” slated to start shooting in April, Rodriguez had said with all the work getting all the details in place, “they might just end up shooting around the same time.” So perhaps he’s now closer than ever to finally mounting this thing.

That being said, Rodriguez  also stated last summer  that his live-action adaptation of  Frank Franzetta’s 1983 movie “Fire & Ice” would shoot in the first half of this year — something that clearly isn’t happening. So we’ll see how this all plays out over the next few months, but we’ll more surprised if it does start, than if it doesn’t.

Anyone believe it? More importantly, anyone care?