Robert Rodriguez Frontrunner To Direct ‘Escape From New York’

robert rodriguez frontrunner escape new york

There is no need for an Escape From New York remake or prequel and I find both ideas an affront against God and Man alike. But, if we’re going to have to fucking do it, Robert Rodriguez works.

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Robert Rodriguez casts ‘Battle Angel Alita’ lead in Rosa Salazar

Rose Salazar.

I don’t know Rosa Salazar. I forgot there was a Battle Angel Alita movie being developed. But here we are!

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Watch: Quentin Tarantino reading ‘Kill Bill’ opening to Robert Rodriguez in 1994

Rendar mentioned this to me tonight. I hadn’t seen it. Now I have. I feel vaguely better for it. But as a point of reference, I also feel vaguely better as a human when I take a dump and I don’t have to wipe, or if I go an entire week without eating multiple peanut butter sandwiches in one setting. Just as reference. You’ll probably enjoy this video too, even if you’re a better human than me (which you are).

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New ‘SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’ Trailer: We’re Gonna Kill The Bad-Man!

Sin City- A Dame To Kill For

The dialogue in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For…it’s supposed to be fucking dumb, right? I’m trying to surf that indistinguishable line between schlocky and enjoyable noir narration, and…well. A fresh batch of fecaltainment souffle.

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A Dame To Kill For.

The MPAA has banned this new poster for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. It’s…it’s pretty saucy. But ban worthy? I don’t know, yo.

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‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ TRAILER: Big Mistakes & Beautiful Women

sin city

Okay. So I’m buying into this fucking movie. I tried to fight the urge, citing derivativeness, other dumb reasons, whatever. But my willpower has eroded. I want beautiful women, noir, and broken dudes making bad decisions.

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‘SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’ Trailer: Once More Unto The City?

Sin City.

I don’t really care about this movie. The trailer did nothing for me. I’ll end up seeing it. Having no standards or principles is hard.

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STAR WARS – Episode Awesome: A Newer Hope!

A Newer Hope

It’s a spectacular time to be a Star Wars fan.

George Lucas, perhaps after being visited by some benevolent omnidimensional sojourner, has sold his most beloved franchise. The moment that fans realized Lucas was finally out of the picture, we began to dream. To wonder. To flirt with the idea that the piss-taste that’s been lurking in our mouths since 2005 may very well be washed away. New Star Wars films could be treated with the respect they deserve.

So, what’ve we been promised thus far? A new trilogy. Kasdan and Kinberg. J.J. Abrams. Cameos from members of the original cast. The interest of Hollywood’s finest actors and directors and other personnel. Spin-off, stand-alone movies.

In short, we finally have a newer hope.

Yesterday’s confirmation of the stand-alone flicks was the final nail in the coffin for my cautious optimism. I am now, for the first time in years, reveling in full-on nerdlust at the thought of new Star Wars. And while I have quite a bit of faith that a new trilogy could be beyond excellent, I’ve always loved the idea of free-standing movies taking place within the galaxy that Uncle George introduced back in `77!

Join me as I take a moment to geek-out about the prospect of new Star Wars movies! I’m going to fanboy my way through some of the premises I’d like to see materialize, no doubt getting so excited that my retainer spills onto the keyboard and my Diet Shasta bubbles over. After you check out my ideas, hit up the comments section and describe what you’d like to see during our next voyages to a galaxy far, far away…

Punch it, Chewie!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining ‘SIN CITY 2’, passing on Guardians.

Looks like you can scratch one name off the infinite list of people up for the lead role in Guardians. Batman-Robin has left the running, instead deciding to hang out in Sin City.

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LADY GAGA is in ‘MACHETE KILLS’, rounding out craziest cast ever.

Lady Gaga. Mel Gibson. Charlie Sheen. Machete Kills. This cast is going to be out of its goddamn mind.

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