Watch: Quentin Tarantino reading ‘Kill Bill’ opening to Robert Rodriguez in 1994

Rendar mentioned this to me tonight. I hadn’t seen it. Now I have. I feel vaguely better for it. But as a point of reference, I also feel vaguely better as a human when I take a dump and I don’t have to wipe, or if I go an entire week without eating multiple peanut butter sandwiches in one setting. Just as reference. You’ll probably enjoy this video too, even if you’re a better human than me (which you are).


This is a cool piece of vintage video footage captured by director Robert Rodriguez. His friend and fellow filmmaker Quentin Tarantino reads him the opening of an early version of the Kill Bill screenplay in 1994, nine years before the movie was released.

The duo first met at the 1992 Toronto International Film Festival, which each was attending with his feature debut: Tarantino with Reservoir Dogs and Rodriguez with El Mariachi. This piece of video was probably recorded right after Tarantino finished production on Pulp Fiction, which was right before Rodriguez went into production on Desperado (in which Tarantino filmed a cameo as “Pick-up Guy”). The footage appears to have been released by Rodriguez on his television network El Rey, possibly as part of his filmmaker interview series The Director’s Chair.