Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining ‘SIN CITY 2’, passing on Guardians.

Looks like you can scratch one name off the infinite list of people up for the lead role in Guardians. Batman-Robin has left the running, instead deciding to hang out in Sin City.

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‘SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’ Gets Release Date; Alba and Rourke Confirmed.

Wee! The Sin City Hopes You’re Not Tired Of Its Visual Motif  train continues onward! Into the sky! Into infinity! Into theaters next October! Oh, look at that segue. The touch. The power.

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Robert Rodriguez Teases CAST & FORMAT Of ‘SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’. It’s Happening!

It seems that Sin City: A Dame To Kill For  is actually happening. The title is segueing from the world of the ethereal and into the reality. Man-In-Charge  Robert Rodriguez has helped to condense the vapors further, letting MTV in on some of the sequel’s details.

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‘SIN CITY 2’ May Shoot This Summer, And Other Rodriguez Tidbits.

Oh, to dream of Sin City 2. There was a day when the merest mention of the movie got my little noir ultra-violent core most excite!!!!, but not anymore. I’ve been deceived too many times. Told the film was on its way to fruition over and over again. Now at SXSW,  Robert Rodriguez is trying to get my hopes up. Again.

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‘Sin City 2’ Script Being Written! By ‘The Departed’ Screenwriter William Monahan

Well I don’t believe it. Sin City 2 could actually be happening. I know, I know. Seems a bit ludicrous, we’ve been tricked before! I have proof now! Proof! They have a screenwriter. That has to count for something,right?

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Robert Rodriguez Talks ‘Sin City 2.’ Money and Script Coming Together. Sure.

When the first Sin City came out, everyone was all “Oh hey sick!,  Rodriguez is going to be making a sequel! Totally gnarly.” It was so long ago that gnarly was in fashion. Since then we’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. While he makes Spy Kids 4D: Jessica Alba’s Stretched Poon.

Well, now it’s really maybe sort of coming. So says  Rodriguez.

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