COMIXOLOGY: Offering 100 self-published books for $10.


How is this for a fucking deal, you chumps? CoMiXoLoGy (who has the most annoying spelling since NiGHTS: Into Dreams) is offering 100 self-published comics for a cool $10. Save that money you’re spending on genitals salve and fistfuls of Laffy Taffy. We’re talking fucking Becky Cloonan and shit!

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Tales from the Borderlands.

Some Tales From The Borderlands details have emerged from that Cool Kids thing SXSW. It appears that the game is going True Detective. Word up! In the sense that the game shall be a recounting of events in the past, with differing perspectives and all that shit. I can dig it.

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New ‘BORDERLANDS 2’ character teased at SXSW. Plays like Brick? Gross, but I’m excited!

Borderlands 2.

There was a new Borderlands 2 character teased at SXSW. My excitement over this new character spells deeply my love for the title. (Maybe my favorite of the generation?) You see, it appears the character is going to be along the lines of Brick. This is a character who is pretty much useless, aside from being really good at getting me to hate his guts for yelling “slab!” over and over and over again. Jesus Christ, you much-muscled fuck face! Stop complaining, or get down here and help! Anyways. Will I play as him? Hell no! Am I excited? Hell yes! It’s Borderlands 2 news, you turkeys!

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‘SIN CITY 2’ May Shoot This Summer, And Other Rodriguez Tidbits.

Oh, to dream of Sin City 2. There was a day when the merest mention of the movie got my little noir ultra-violent core most excite!!!!, but not anymore. I’ve been deceived too many times. Told the film was on its way to fruition over and over again. Now at SXSW,  Robert Rodriguez is trying to get my hopes up. Again.

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Marketing Group Turns Homeless People Into WANDERING WI-FI HOTSPOTS AT SXSW

Well, what can go wrong with this? I can’t imagine anyone be upset at the exploitation of the struggling and downtrodden for their own gain. At SXSW this year, a marketing group has turned homeless locals into wandering wi-fi hotspots. I can’t believe  people are mad.

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Marvel Announces DIGITAL-ONLY ‘Infinite Comics’ Imprint. Shots Fired!

At SXSW, Marvel unveiled its “ReEvolution”  initiative. Brief aside: who the fuck is naming things at Marvel right now? They all sound like B-SIDES of all the already awful  Final Fantasy descriptors. Anyways. Moving along. The most striking part of this new movement is the announcement of a digital-only  line of comics. Welcome to the future?

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Trailer! The FP: Where Dance Dance Meets 1980’s Bro Flick.

I showed this trailer to Rendar, and he proclaimed that it was “the best thing he’s seen in years” and that this movie “just moved to #1” on his want to see list. The FP, where rival gangs live and die by Dance Dance Revolution. A rhythm game that can fucking kill you. It’s one-part geek, one-part parody of retarded 1980’s bro flicks.

It’s astounding.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

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Super Mario Bros: The Indie Movie Is Star Level.

Apparently at SXSW and other film festivals they have a bunch of “bumper” films. Minifilms that precede the screenings. Didn’t know that. Now I do. One of them showing at SXSW is “Mario” by Joe Nicolosi. Nicolosi works in a shitload of outstanding references in the framework of a trailer for an indie film version of Mario. Go ahead and watch it, you’re going to love it.

You dirty little slut.

Hit the jump for the video.

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