Sebastian Stan: ‘Black Panther’ movie could feature the Winter Soldier

winter soldier

Oh dear god, if this is true, my dick is going to break.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ BTS Photo reveals Panther and Bucky getting close

Official Behind-The-Scenes photo from The Russo BREHS. Totally showing Panther and Bucky getting close, getting to know one another, getting to do this or that or the other thing. Maybe hug. Hug, right?

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‘The Martian’ Official Trailer #2: In Your Face, Neil Armstrong!

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Set Photo: Winter Soldier & Falcon pounding the pavement

The Winter Soldier.

After the jump, cause spoilers.

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QUE? Bucky’s Marvel Movie Contract is Longer Than Cap America’s.


It turns out that Sebastian Stan’s (Bucky…and well, don’t IMDB if you don’t want to know) Marvel movie contract is longer than Chris Evans’. At first blush this seems confusing as Hell. Especially to someone who is a comics outsider. However, fans of Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America (HI! IT MAKES MY DONG FROTH IN WAYS THAT DEFY ONTOLOGICAL EXPLANATIONS) know how this could work. In a glorious, glorious way.

Hit the jump for (what I hope) is accurate speculation.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER’ TV Spot: Winter Soldier is crapping on Fury’s Life

The Winter Soldier.

Truthfully, I’m at work. So I managed to watch like nine seconds of this before I had to turn it off. Sound issues and all that fucking jumbo donkey feces. But I did manage to see Fury being like LOLWTF I’M ABOUT TO GET FUCKED. And then Winter Soldier is like BURN BRO.

It seems neat.

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he's totally using mind powers and shit i promise

Awww yeah, Cap! You take that mask off for me! Hunka hunka burning Patriotism. Seriously though. Thirty-seconds of Winter Soldier action right here. How much new stuff? Prolly pretty much like .0002 seconds. I dun care! It dun matter! Stoked.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER’ Super Bowl Trailer: America F**K Yeah


Forgive the ridiculous title. I’m sorry! I have like 36,000 calories in me, caffeine rocketing around the guts like lightning! Viva America’s True Religious Holiday: Super Bowl Sunday! Anyways — holy fuck at this trailer. A truly gluttonous trailer for a truly gluttonous occasion. Too much awesome. Too many ridiculous moments. In a trailer.

I’m too excited for this movie.

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the threat is real

Another teaser for a Super Bowl trailer has dropped. Go figure! A teaser for a trailer. Go figure! It’s for a comic book movie. Needless snark aside may I just say — oh god I have an erection. An erection for fighting sleeper agent threats, dudes with flying backpacks, Chris Evans, and more.

Hit the jump for the teaser trailer…teaser.

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Bucky is MAD.

New Captain America: The Winter Soldier images show the sprawling brawling wonder-land that the feature film shall be. Real talk? I just fucking woke up. So just have these images while I begin compiling my Caffeine Dossier in my tummy. Okay? You fucks.

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