Rafael Grampa’s ‘Detective Comics’ #50 Alternate Cover is Gorgeous


No lie. Today I was taking a leak, and for some reason I was thinking about Paul Pope. Not sure why. I thought to myself, what the fuck does that guy do besides DJ, make pretentious tweets, and stunning covers? Where the fuck is Battling Boy II? Then I thought — speaking of talented but the opposite of prolific artists, where the fuck is Rafael Grampa these days? No sooner did I think this — and listen, I’m not saying I willed it into Reality, but maybe I did — did I find this new alternate cover by him. Read the rest of this entry »

Rafael Grampa bottle for ABSOLUT KARNIVAL is gorgeous inebriation.


Well fuck if Rafael Grampa doesn’t feel like actually delivering any new funny books, at least the dude is staying busy. Nike commercials, vokda bottles. The talented motherfucker’s artwork is coming to us still, just not in my desired form.

Still though. Pretty.

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Watch: RAFAEL GRAMPA’S art gets animated for NIKE ‘DARE TO BE BRAZILIAN’ ad


Rafael Grampa’s art gets the animated treatment in this Brazilian Nike advertisement for soccer. Or football. Or futbol.

Whatever. It’s awesome.

The awesomest shit you’ll see today. Unless you saw the tears of the spectre-dragon that haunts the Dark Side of the Moon. Like I did. On my message board. Still though. This is close.

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Too creepy for the front page.

Fuck to the yes. Rafael Grampa is a general beast in the comic book world, and his rendition of the Joker does nothing to dissuade me of that fact. Grampa’s rendition of the Joker can be seen in this week’s Batman Black and White #2, which features a short story by the creator.

Hit the jump for a delectable sneak peak.

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Don’t know if this is old or not. Don’t care. It’s probably from something I read years ago. Chalk up my memory loss to caffeination and heavy medication. Found it on our boy Benjamin Santiago‘s Tumblr, and figured I would flip it over here. ‘Cause it is Rafael fucking Grampá.

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Rafael Grampa Does ‘The MASSIVE #3’ Variant Cover; All Is Right With The World.

Thanks to Warren Ellis for bringing to attention this glorious variant cover for The Massive #3 by  Rafael Grampa with colors courtesy of Dave Stewart. I’m already excited for the official release of this new jam by  Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson, and this has me spinning in circles.

COMICS TIME THIS WEEK: Watch The Spaceman Choke, You Assholes.

Do you know how many comic books I read last week? One. I read the newest issue of Prophet  and that was that. It was a gloriously hypnotic trek through a devastated post-apocalyptic Hemingway novel, and after that I shut my brain down for the week. I’ve been trying to slice the fatty material out of my comic diet. Much like my life I’m sure I’ll continue to binge, but the ideal is to strip down the pull-list into things I want to read. Not things I want to read, feel implored to read, and have a passing interest in at the cost of my wallet.

With that in mind, this is Comics We’re Buying This Fine Week. The column where we sit cross-legged in a circle, pantless of course, and share what we’re digging on in the funny book universe on a given Wednesday. I’ll go first. You follow me into the closet and count to 20. It’s going to be awesome.

Not sure what is coming out? Hit up ComicList.

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‘BATMAN’ By RAFAEL GRAMPA. What More Do You Need?

Rafael Grampa Does Variant Cover For Brian Wood’s ‘The Massive’ TOO MUCH AWESOME

Brian Wood’s next magnum opus is The Massive.  Rafael Grampa is a favorite artist of us here at OL. Combining the two of them together in a variant cover for the debut issue is almost too much.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Monday Morning Commute: Never Tell Me the Odds.

I’m tired and cranky and hungry. The pile of work on my desk is increasing at an exponential rate. My gums are bleeding. How’s my breathing? Belabored. All I want to do is lay down for the night and wake up tomorrow. Know what I can’t do until I finish about seven different projects? Lay down for the night and wake up tomorrow.

Goddamn do I hate Mondays.

But I’d be a liar to imply that I don’t have a soft spot for the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE, OL‘s weekly show-and-tell feature. Here’s how it works: I’m going to give you a guided tour of my demented mind, steering you away from the Freudian nightmares and towards the entertainment wet-dreams. After scoping out the monsters lurking in my brain-bone, it’s your duty to hit up the comments section and show off the wares you’ll be using to survive the workweek.

C’mon, you think we’re afraid of the 9-5? You think we can’t survive the daily grind? Bring it on! FLAME ON!

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