Rafael Grampa’s ‘Detective Comics’ #50 Alternate Cover is Gorgeous


No lie. Today I was taking a leak, and for some reason I was thinking about Paul Pope. Not sure why. I thought to myself, what the fuck does that guy do besides DJ, make pretentious tweets, and stunning covers? Where the fuck is Battling Boy II? Then I thought — speaking of talented but the opposite of prolific artists, where the fuck is Rafael Grampa these days? No sooner did I think this — and listen, I’m not saying I willed it into Reality, but maybe I did — did I find this new alternate cover by him.


Man, those are some very cool redesigns.

There’s a lot of history folded into Rafael Grampa’s alternate cover of Detective Comics #50. While that armored Batman is heavily modeled on the one from The Dark Knight Returns, you can also see some small nods to the character’s Silver Age look, like how the utility belt has capsules instead of pouches.