‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Dropping On PS5 and Xbox Series X in November. The Eternal Title, Motherfuckers!

grand theft auto v ps5 xbox series x november

Grand Theft Auto V will never die. Long live Grand Theft Auto V. The already announced second remaster of the title is dropping on the new consoles this fucking November. And this dick head? Will be buying it eventually.

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PlayStation 5 has had the biggest launch in console history. That, uh, explains the shortages.

ps5 is is biggest console launch in history

Can’t get a fucking PlayStation 5? Well, that’s because it’s the biggest launch in console history. I mean, it’s also because of fucking shit-ass scalpers. But, also because of its launch success.

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Sony will optimize PS5 fan performance for individual games through software updates. Fucking bonkers!

sony ps5 fan performance optimize software updates

It appears that Sony is ready to hear our prayers this generation. After years upon years of the PlayStation 4’s fan sounding like a jet engine, it seems the PlayStation 5 will be much, much quieter. It’ll be done through software updates, to optimize the fan’s performance for individual games.

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‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ is dropping on PS5 in 2021. Fucking next year! Thank the Maker.

Holy shit, dudes. Horizon: Forbidden West is arriving in 2021! Next year. So soon! I mean, it’ll have been four years since the original. So it makes sense. And man, I’m fucking stoked.

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Sony has announced PlayStation Studios brand for its first-party PS5 titles. I can dig it!

Sony’s finally unifying all of its first-party games under one brand. That brand name? PlayStation Studios! It’s simple and to the point, and I can fuck with that.

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First Look: Check out the DualSense, the PlayStation 5’s redesigned controller. It’s weird, but I can fuck with it!

sony playstation 5 dualsense

The PlayStation 5 got itself a remarkably new controller, the DualSense. You can definitely see vestiges of the DualShock 4 in its design. However, it’s the largest departure for the company in a hot minute.

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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 logo which is legit just them changing the number for the new console, but it works

playstation 5 logo

Why am I posting about the PlayStation 5 logo? When it’s literally just the logo for the PS4, but with a 5? ‘Cause I’m fucking stoked for the console! 2020, baby! This year, baby!

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Rumor: PlayStation 5 to have backwards compatibility according to leaked patent. Goddamn fuck yes about time!

rumor ps5 backwards compatibility

Man, sometimes, all I want to do is play a dope-ass PlayStation 3 game on my PS4. But, I fucking can’t! No backwards compatibility. However, my dream may come true next generation.

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The next PlayStation is at least three years away, which bums me out, cause I want MAXIMUM POWER

next playstation three years away

The next fucking PlayStation is three years away? What the fuck! I know, I know I’m a tech whore. But, man. I want the maximum pixel-pushing power! My PlayStation 4 Pro is stru-gg-ling to push something like Far Cry 4 in pseudo-4K. Who knows, though. Maybe we’ll get a PlayStation 4 Pro+ before the big boy PS5 drops?

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