First Official ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Photo With Costumes+Everything


I’m feeling it.

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Paul Feig reveals the new ‘Ghostbusters’ car. Behold the ECTO-1!

ecto 1

Every squad of Ghoster-Busters needs themselves a car to chase ghosts with. Paul Feig has revealed the vehicle his new squad will be employing to hunt down them ectoplasm bastards.

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First Look: ‘Ghostbusters’ uniforms from Paul Feig’s reboot

First look @ Gosuterbuters unis

I don’t care enough about Ghostbusters to either get excited, or nitpick these new uniforms from Paul Feig’s reboot. But maybe you do care enough for either of those actions! What do you think?

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‘Broad City’ creators making a movie with Paul Feig

Broad City.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are making a movie. The gnarly fucking Broad City duo writing a movie would be dope unto itself. But throw in Paul Feig and we have ourselves a fucking party.

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All-Women ‘Ghostbusters’ has been cast: Wiig, Jones, McCarthy, and McKinnon


Paul Feig has cast his Ghostbusters reboot.

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OMEGA-CAST #12: Part 1 – The Great Flour Tortilla Incident of 2014


OH YOU THOUGHT US GONE? Naw, bruh. Life. It happens. But choke down this GNARLY PODCAST until the SPACE-SHIP can resume full operating capacity. PART GODDAMN 1 of a PODCAST we cut nearly TWO FUCKING WEEKS AGO. And this time it’s FUCKING ME behind the delay in posting it. And life. Definitely life. Anyways. THIS ONE has WAY CAPS and most importantly THE FUCKING RETURN OF RE-RE-RE-RENDAR.

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All-female ‘Ghostbusters’ getting reboot script from ‘The Heat’ writer


Ghostbusters reboot is officially coming. And it’s got some talent behind it. Not only is the movie going to be helmed by Paul Feig, but it is getting a script from the writer of The Heat.

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PAUL FEIG Did Some Writing On ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’, Awkward Hilarity ++

Paul Feig isn’t just the dude who wrote Bridesmaids. Okay! Shit. Everyone fucking forgets. He’s also the mind behind Freaks and Geeks, and at least one scene in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man  will feature his penchant for interpersonal awkwardness.

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