Huge ‘No Man’s Sky’ update ‘BEYOND’ is dropping August 14, and, again, fuck I need to play it!

no man sky beyond august 14

What the fuck am I waiting for? By all indications, No Man’s Sky is the perfect game for me. Get high, chill out, explore space! Will the upcoming BEYOND update be the moment I jump in? There’s a good possibility.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ getting another big update called ‘Beyond’ which is an enormous multiplayer addition

I fucking love the fact that Hello Games could have just called it a day when No Man’s Sky dropped, and well, everyone thought it was ass. Instead, they’ve just been grinding away, turning it into a dope experience.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ is getting multiplayer this July and you gotta respect Hello Games’ hustle

no mans sky multiplayer july

After No Man’s Sky dropped and was an abject fucking disappointment for most, it seemed sensible to not have high hopes for it. However, man, I respect Hello Games and Sean Murphy for patching this game into something if not as special as promised, at least very enjoyable.

I never played it in its initial iteration, but I become more and more tempted as time passes.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ getting biggest update this summer, also coming to XB1

no man's sky next update xb1

Man, No Man’s Sky came out like a flame-seared turd when it first dropped. But, credit Hello Games for having patched and continuing to patch the game into something seemingly dope. The latest installment of this unfuckery is dropping this summer, and the game is finally dropping on XB1.

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Huge ‘No Man’s Sky’ Update Released With New Features And Modes

no man's sky foundation update surprises

A major, major No Man’s Sky update has gone live on PS4 with a PC version dropping shortly. This update ain’t some sparse, pithy bullshit. Naw, it’s got new modes, features, and bug fixes. With promises of more! More!

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‘No Man’s Sky’ Developers Break Silence, Announce “Foundation Update”

no man's sky foundation update

Apparently the minds behind No Man’s Sky felt like showing some Thanksgiving gratitude towards the thousands upon thousands of gamers who bought their title. ‘Cause the quiet-as-death studio broke its longstanding silence today to announce a “Foundation Update” that will lay the…uh…foundation for base building.

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‘No Mario’s Sky’ is a playable game; better than Hello Games’ Effort?


Incendiary, bullshit title. First that popped to mind, though. So whatever. Give me money and I’ll give you genuine effort in these headlines (no I won’t).

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‘No Man’s Sky’ has lost 90% of its PC Players since release

No Man's Sky.

That’s uh, that’s really bad.

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Monday Morning Commute: We Can Dance If You Want To

you can dance if you want to

untitled | christopher zelaya

We can dance if you want to!

We can leave the Material Realm behind! ‘

Cause your connection to the Linear Tangible Time-Cord is weak and if it’s weak, well, let’s leave this Plane behind!

What’s up, you fucking degenerates! Oh, don’t take offense. We’re all degenerating into worm-food, into former-human, entrapped by failing meat-cases.

So we might as well dance.

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Weekend Open Bar: The World’s Worst Detectives

weekend open bar - the nice guys

Come one, come all.

It’s Hot as Fuck along the Northeastern seaboard of the Empire. Our West Coast comrades seem to be dealing with their own Raging Fires and Non-Moisture. And the Midwest? The Rest of the Earth? I don’t know, but I imagine there are Failings and Fantastic Findings there as well.

Come one, come all.

To the Weekend Open Bar. Soothe your scorched Existence with a cold ale, a back rub that lingers perhaps a bit too long from yours truly, and some good old fashion Shooting of the Shit with fellow kind pop culture kindred. Let’s hang out across the next couple of days, sharing what we’re doing to enjoy Life.

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