Weekend Open Bar: The World’s Worst Detectives

weekend open bar - the nice guys

Come one, come all.

It’s Hot as Fuck along the Northeastern seaboard of the Empire. Our West Coast comrades seem to be dealing with their own Raging Fires and Non-Moisture. And the Midwest? The Rest of the Earth? I don’t know, but I imagine there are Failings and Fantastic Findings there as well.

Come one, come all.

To the Weekend Open Bar. Soothe your scorched¬†Existence¬†with a cold ale, a back rub that lingers perhaps a bit too long from yours truly, and some good old fashion Shooting of the Shit with fellow kind pop culture kindred. Let’s hang out across the next couple of days, sharing what we’re doing to enjoy Life.

So tell me. What are you up to this weekend?