Auction for ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ prototype is already up to $310,000 and fucking counting

nintendo playstation prototype auction

Man. Every time I go to post this story about the Nintendo PlayStation prototype, the auction has increased by, like, another $100,000. Fucking seriously. It currently sits at $310,000. Emphasis on currently.

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Nintendo Switch sales have passed 52M, already beating Xbox One lifetime sales. I say, goddamn!

nintendo switch 52m sales

The Nintendo Switch has sold 52M console! It is a fucking sales  juggernaut, friends. Especially given this late in the PS4/XB1 lifecycle. I’m deeply interested to see how it sells when the next-gen shit drops this year.

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Shigeru Miyamoto named “Person of Cultural Merit” by Japanese government which is a prestigious-as-fuck accomplishment

japanese government shigeru miyamoto

Man. Just think about Shigeru Miyamoto. The dude has given so many of us so much throughout the decades. And now? The Japanese government is recognizing Miyamoto for his contributions.

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Nintendo Switch has sold more than 15 million fucking consoles. Tops console sales for 10th straight month. Straight cash, homey!

nintendo switch sales 15 million

The Nintendo Switch is still selling like hotcakes, folks. The console has passed 15 million units sold! As well, it has taken the monthly throne for the 10th straight month. But, I suppose this shit ain’t surprising. It’s a dope console, and its competition has been out for six years.

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Nintendo has dropped 20 SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online! Plus an official SNES controller for Switch!

nintendo switch online snes

Good news for ya’ll motherfuckers with Nintendo Switch Online! You’re now privy to 20 SNES games! As well, you got the opportunity to buy an official SNES controller for the Switch. In fact, the exclusive opportunity.

I’m going to admit it, I’m jealous on multiple fronts.

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Super-rare Konami NES games have been discovered! And already fucking emulated! God bless the future.

rare konami games

Man, I ain’t never heard of the Konami series Space School. And I imagine you haven’t either. Konami and Japanese national broadcaster NHK created the educational games back in the day. Long forgotten! Until this week.

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Unopened copy of ‘Kid Icarus’ for Nintendo projected to go for $10,000 at auction. That’s a lot of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, my dudes!

kid icarus unopened 10000

I say, goddamn! An unopened copy of Kid Icarus for the original Nintendo has been found. And, the motherfucker is projected to go for $10,000.

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‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ is a cheaper, handheld-only version of the console. Dropping September 20!

Man, I sold my Switch. And, I shouldn’t have. I fucked up, okay! I sold it, and now I miss it. So, I’m patiently waiting for Nintendo to announce their Switch Pro or some shit. They ain’t done that today, but they have announced a new iteration. The Switch Lite, which is pretty much a handheld console. You know, with a fantastic library.

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Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation and Xbox in May. This makes sense, them consoles fucking oldddd

nintendo switch outsold xbox playstation may

The Nintendo Switch is still absolutely fucking beasting, friends. Meanwhile, the current iterations of the PlayStation and Xbox are starting to flag behind in monthly sales. But, this makes sense. The Nintendo Switch dropped two years ago, while the other two are closing in on six years old. Still, it’s an interesting time in the console wars, no?

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‘Panzer Dragoon’ remake heading to Nintendo Switch. For fuck’s sake, why did I sell my console again?

panzer dragoon remake switch

Son of a bitch. I really shouldn’t have sold my Nintendo Switch. I admit it. Even though it was getting way less use than my other consoles, I shouldn’t have. I mean, a fucking Panzer Dragoon remake! Plus, that new PlatinumGames title! Fuck!

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