PS5 is the first console to outsell the Nintendo Switch in almost three fucking years. Goddamn Nintendo’s got a juggernaut!

ps5 outsold nintendo switch september

The PS5 has done the seemingly fucking impossible, dudes. The console outsold the Nintendo Switch in September in the United States, breaking a 33-month stream.

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Nintendo planning to drop Upgraded Switch as early as September. Reveal coming ahead of E3, baby!

nintendo switch upgrade september

When I bought my wife a Switch Lite a couple weeks ago, it was with the idea that I’d be getting myself an upgraded full model this year. Was it a calculated fucking gamble? Yup! But that shit seems to be paying off with this new report. According to reports, Nintendo will be dropping their upgraded Nintendo Switch as soon as September.

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Nintendo Switch Has 36 Million-Seller Titles. Jesus Fuck, This Thing Doesn’t Slow Down!

nintendo switch 36 million seller games

The Nintendo Switch just runs around the fucking ring, discus-lariating any motherfucker that gets in its way. It’s unstoppable, fucking unstoppable. This son of a bitch as 36 million-seller titles, and I imagine that ain’t the final count.

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Report: Nintendo using NIVIDIA’s DLSS to upscale graphics to 4K on upgraded Switch model. I don’t know what this fucking means!

nintendo switch nvidia dlss 4k graphics

If you believe reports, Nintendo is going to lean on NVIDIA’s DLSS tech for 4K graphics in the upgraded Switch model dropping this year. What exactly is DLSS tech? Apparently it’s some sort of fucking super sampling that, uh, does stuff. I don’t know. I don’t care. Just give me a fucking 4K Switch, please and thank you.

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New Nintendo Switch with 4K Support and an OLED screen dropping this year. This is it, this is my time!

nintendo switch 4k support oled screen

I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for Nintendo to drop a new Switch, and my friends it appears my time is now! A report by Bloomberg has the company dropping a new Switch model this year, with 4K support and a new OLED screen. Oh hell yes, sign me the fuck up!

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Nintendo remastering ‘Super Mario 64’, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Galaxy’ for Switch for ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ to celebrate plumber’s 35th anniversary

super mario 3d all stars galaxy 64 nintendo switch remaster

Man, this is a fucking bundle of wonderfulness, no? Nintendo dropping Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy in one meaty bundle. It’s called Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and it’s to celebrate the motherfucker turning 35.

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Report: New Nintendo Switch with 4K graphics dropping in 2021. Sign me the fuck up!

nintendo switch hardware upgrade 2021 4K

I fucking regret selling my Nintendo Switch. Okay? I’ll admit it! It appears I’ll get my best shot at acquiring one in 2021, when the company is dropping a new one. Sporting 4K graphics and shit. Seriously. So, for now? I wait. ‘Cause presently? COVID got them motherfuckers scarce!

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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ is already the highest grossing digital title on the Nintendo Switch

animal crossing switch digital sales leader

Fucking Animal Crossing, man! It was already reported that it had the best Switch launch. Ever. Now, we have word that it’s already the lifetime leader in Switch digital sales and revenue. I say, goddamn!

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US spending on video games just broke its quarterly record. A goddamn $10.9 billion spent!

us spending video games quarterly record

What to do during a pandemic? There’s one possibility: video games. US spending on video games hit $10.9 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone. I say motherfucking goddamn!

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Nintendo Switch sales have passed 52M, already beating Xbox One lifetime sales. I say, goddamn!

nintendo switch 52m sales

The Nintendo Switch has sold 52M console! It is a fucking sales  juggernaut, friends. Especially given this late in the PS4/XB1 lifecycle. I’m deeply interested to see how it sells when the next-gen shit drops this year.

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