‘Neuromancer’ movie happening again with ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller attached

neuromancer tim miller directing deadpool

Neuromancer is happening, again, folks. As you may or may not know, I’ve sworn off being worried about adaptations, and telling myself if they’re good, awesome. Bonus. If they suck, no harm no foul. So I’ll say this about the Neuromancer adaptation. The biggest hurdle it faces is not looking derivative, because it’s so goddamn influential that so many properties that have ripped it off (or paid homage if you’re on the positive tip) have dropped first. That said, I like Tim Miller. A lot.

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IDW teases project with ‘Neuromancer’ author William Gibson.


Oh fuck! One of my favorite authors is getting into the funny book game with publisher IDW. I’m in. It doesn’t even matter what the comic book is about, I’m going to be buying it.

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‘Neuromancer’ movie gains funding, loses director Vincenzo Natali


Must be a cyberpunk kind of week. We got some news already about Blade Runner‘s cinematographer, and now it’s been announced that Neuromancer has found itself some funding. I am cautiously optimistic about an adaptation of one of my favorite novels. Ever.

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FUTUREGASM: Dubai building world’s first climate-controlled neighborhood

the future

This is the fucking future I want. Or at least I think I want, gazing into my ceiling fan in the evening. Copy of Neuromancer resting on my belly. A vibrating Matrix-themed prostate massager doing its work in my love hole.

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COMPUTER MADE A GAME BY ITSELF. Entered Into Competition. It’s All Over.

Some Wintermute type shit.

Wait computers haven’t made games yet? I just sort of assumed. Maybe it’s because I wear tight leather pants, jack into the Matrix nightly, and generally stick Neuromancer up my ass while wearing sunglasses in the middle of a dark room. Still though, this is pretty gnarly. And terrifying.

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Watch: ‘NEUROMANCER’ RAIDS brought to life with OCULUS RIFT.

Molly Millions.

A New York artist is using the Oculus rift to simulate the feeling of the raids in Neuromancer. One of you gets to be the ass-whupping cyber-babe Molly Millions. The other is the anxiety-soaked console cowboy who must watch Molly through her own vision. Sweet Digitized Christ-Lord, this is out of control. My cyberpunk boner has speared through my computer desk.

Hit the jump.

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As a member of the OL Collective, you no doubt traipse about in generated worlds. While the best of these worlds are well-distinguished from one another, they can be sliced into distinct categories. There are Utopian worlds, worlds filled with magic, worlds filled with superheroes, and other worlds filled with dragons. In fact, some are Utopian worlds filled with superheroes wielding magic and thrashing dragons. Mix-and-match. Whatever. And so on.

However, I reckon that we all have our favorite slice of the generated-world nonsense that comes from enjoying the arts and farts. So I’ll ask you gals and guys: what is your favorite kind of fictional world? And does it come from a specific source?

Me? My favorite are there them cyberpunk dystopias, specifically that of Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon and its sequels.

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Jacked-in. And pumped.

Well, shit. If I thought that I was excited for this movie before, now my dial is twisted up to eleven. Elysium itself looks like none other than Neuromancer’s Freeside. Matt Damon running around in a body-mech, sprawling spirals of space inhabitants. My tits are ready.

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‘NEUROMANCER’ film teaser poster. Please don’t suck.

I don’t want a Neuromancer flick. People are going to confuse it for a Matrix rip-off. It won’t be good. I’m negative. Real negative! Despite what I want, it’s coming. It is coming, and there’s a fucking teaser poster for it. Groan.

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First ‘NEUROMANCER’ concept art is generic cyberpunk nonsense.

This is no way to calm my already frantic nerves about the film adaptation of Neuromancer. I mean, first they offer the lead role to Marky Mark, and now they drop this concept artwork. Glorious me. You can pull this sort of brooding, dark set, generic artwork out of cyberpunk discount bins. All that is missing from this bullshit is some sort of head tattoo-mohawk combination.

Hit the jump to peep the abominations.

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