First ‘NEUROMANCER’ concept art is generic cyberpunk nonsense.

This is no way to calm my already frantic nerves about the film adaptation of Neuromancer. I mean, first they offer the lead role to Marky Mark, and now they drop this concept artwork. Glorious me. You can pull this sort of brooding, dark set, generic artwork out of cyberpunk discount bins. All that is missing from this bullshit is some sort of head tattoo-mohawk combination.

Hit the jump to peep the abominations.


The movie version of William Gibson’s ground-breaking book Neuromancer is apparently moving forward — the production company GFM Films put up a page devoted to the film, including this piece of new concept art.

The other piece of info on the page? A news item confirming that Liam Neeson has been offered the role of Armitage, and Mark Wahlberg has been offered the role of Case. These are both “pay or play” offers — apparently meaning that if the film doesn’t get made, Neeson and Wahlberg still get money.

The concept art above is the work of Amro Attia, who’s worked with director Vincenzo Natali in the past. And Bleeding Cool points out that Attia posted another piece of art on his blog back in December, apparently showing Case in the film


The other production company involved in the film is Seven Arts Entertainment — their site is down, but the Google cache shows a couple news items. One showing that superstar producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is on board, the other showing the film has financing from Prodigy Pictures worth $60 million. So fingers crossed, Natali is actually going to get to bring his vision of Gibson’s amazing debut novel to life.