Joss Whedon WRITING and DIRECTING ‘AVENGERS 2’, also developing Marvel TV show.

This news is the fantastic, folks. The fantastic.

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/Film reports that on the Walt Disney Investors Conference Call (zzzz), the studio confirmed that Whedon would be back to write and direct “The Avengers 2.” So breathe easy fanboys, your franchise remains in good hands. It’s a smart move by Marvel, who are likely paying a prettier penny than they are used to, but they realize Whedon delivered the best movie both critically and commercially than they have ever done, and trying to do it without him would be ruining a lot of goodwill. And hell, it’s not like they can’t afford him at this point. And that’s not all. Whedon is also developing a live action TV-series with Marvel characters as well.

Goddamn. This makes too much sense to actually be happening.